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15273 SATYAGRAH EXP Running status

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Raxaul Jn-RXL
EExpected08:50 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Raxaul Jn08:50Right TimeYet to start
2Ramgarhwa F08:5809:01Right Time14 km
3Sagauli Jn09:2009:25Right Time29 km
4Majhowalia09:3509:37Right Time42 km
5Bettiah09:4809:53Right Time51 km
6Chanpatia10:0610:08Right Time68 km
7Narkatiaganj Jn10:2710:32Right Time87 km
8Harinagar10:4610:48Right Time103 km
9Bhairoganj10:5811:00Right Time111 km
10Bagaha11:3011:35Right Time129 km
11Paniya Hawa12:5612:58Right Time151 km
12Khada13:0713:09Right Time158 km
13Siswa Bazar13:2213:25Right Time172 km
14Ghughuli13:3613:39Right Time184 km
15Kaptanganj Jn13:5714:02Right Time198 km
16Pipraich14:2514:27Right Time218 km
17Gorakhpur15:1515:30Right Time237 km
18Khalilabad16:1016:12Right Time272 km
19Basti16:3716:40Right Time302 km
20Babhnan17:0517:07Right Time332 km
21Maskanwa17:2517:27Right Time348 km
22Mankapur Jn17:5317:55Right Time363 km
23Gonda Jn18:3518:45Right Time391 km
24Colonelganj19:1019:12Right Time420 km
25Jarwal Road19:2919:31Right Time437 km
26Burhwal Jn20:0020:05Right Time452 km
27Tahsil Fatehpur20:3820:40Right Time474 km
28Mahmudabad Avadh20:5921:00Right Time490 km
29Biswan21:3021:32Right Time516 km
30Sitapur Cant22:4522:55Right Time550 km
31Sitapur City23:2023:25Right Time554 km
32Roza Jn00:5000:55Right Time634 km
33Shahjehanpur01:1301:15Right Time641 km
34Bilpur01:4801:50Right Time676 km
35Bareilly02:2502:30Right Time712 km
36Rampur03:2203:24Right Time775 km
37Moradabad04:0504:13Right Time802 km
38Amroha04:4604:48Right Time833 km
39Gajraula Jn05:0805:10Right Time856 km
40Garhmuktesar05:2805:30Right Time876 km
41Hapur07:0507:15Right Time906 km
42Pilkhua07:2807:30Right Time918 km
43Ghaziabad08:2208:24Right Time943 km
44Sahibabad08:3308:35Right Time950 km
45Anand Vihar Terminal09:05Right Time956 km