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15274 SATYAGRAH EXP Running status

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Anand Vihar Terminal-ANVT
EExpected17:25 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Anand Vihar Terminal17:25Right TimeYet to start
2Sahibabad17:3917:41Right Time5 km
3Ghaziabad18:0318:05Right Time12 km
4Pilkhua18:3118:33Right Time38 km
5Hapur18:4818:50Right Time49 km
6Garhmuktesar19:1419:16Right Time79 km
7Gajraula Jn19:3619:38Right Time100 km
8Amroha20:0020:02Right Time123 km
9Moradabad20:5020:58Right Time153 km
10Rampur21:2721:29Right Time181 km
11Bareilly22:2322:28Right Time244 km
12Bilpur23:0023:02Right Time279 km
13Shahjehanpur23:4323:45Right Time314 km
14Roza Jn23:5423:56Right Time322 km
15Sitapur City02:3002:35Right Time401 km
16Sitapur Cant03:0003:10Right Time405 km
17Biswan03:4303:45Right Time440 km
18Mahmudabad Avadh04:0504:07Right Time466 km
19Tahsil Fatehpur04:2504:27Right Time482 km
20Burhwal Jn04:5505:00Right Time503 km
21Jarwal Road05:1805:20Right Time519 km
22Colonelganj05:3805:40Right Time536 km
23Gonda Jn06:2506:30Right Time564 km
24Mankapur Jn06:5406:56Right Time593 km
25Maskanwa07:1007:12Right Time607 km
26Babhnan07:2607:28Right Time623 km
27Basti07:5708:00Right Time654 km
28Khalilabad08:3308:35Right Time683 km
29Gorakhpur10:1510:30Right Time718 km
30Pipraich10:5911:01Right Time737 km
31Kaptanganj Jn11:3811:44Right Time757 km
32Ghughuli11:5812:00Right Time772 km
33Siswa Bazar12:1012:12Right Time783 km
34Khada12:3512:37Right Time797 km
35Paniya Hawa12:5312:55Right Time804 km
36Bagaha13:2713:32Right Time826 km
37Bhairoganj13:4713:49Right Time844 km
38Harinagar13:5914:01Right Time853 km
39Narkatiaganj Jn14:2014:25Right Time868 km
40Chanpatia14:4714:49Right Time888 km
41Bettiah15:0915:14Right Time905 km
42Majhowalia15:2115:23Right Time914 km
43Sagauli Jn15:3715:42Right Time927 km
44Ramgarhwa F15:5515:57Right Time942 km
45Raxaul Jn16:45Right Time956 km