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15483 MAHANANDA EXP Running status

Departure09:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Aug 2018 0:05
1Alipur Duar Jn09:25Right TimeYet to start
2Hasimara10:0510:07Right Time35 km
3Dalgaon10:3410:36Right Time60 km
4Binnaguri10:4710:52Right Time69 km
5New Mal Jn11:3511:40Right Time113 km
6Siliguri Jn13:3313:38Right Time161 km
7New Jalpaiguri14:0014:10Right Time168 km
8Aluabari Road14:5414:56Right Time225 km
9Kishanganj15:2015:25Right Time256 km
10Dalkolha15:4815:50Right Time284 km
11Barsoi Jn16:1516:17Right Time313 km
12Azamnagar Road16:3116:33Right Time326 km
13Labha17:0017:02Right Time346 km
14Katihar Jn18:3019:00Right Time369 km
15Semapur19:1519:17Right Time380 km
16Karagola Road19:2819:30Right Time391 km
17Kursela19:4419:46Right Time408 km
18Naugachia20:0520:07Right Time426 km
19Thana Bihpur Jn20:2420:26Right Time442 km
20Narayanpur20:3420:36Right Time450 km
21Pasraha20:5020:52Right Time461 km
22Mahesh Khunt21:0721:09Right Time474 km
23Mansi Jn21:2121:23Right Time484 km
24Khagaria Jn.21:3321:35Right Time493 km
25Sahibpur Kml Jn21:4721:49Right Time506 km
26Lakhminia21:5822:00Right Time515 km
27Begu Sarai22:1422:16Right Time533 km
28Barauni Jn23:0023:05Right Time548 km
29Mokameh Jn00:0100:03Right Time569 km
30Bakhtiyarpur Jn00:3200:34Right Time613 km
31Patna Jn01:3001:40Right Time659 km
32Danapur01:5501:57Right Time668 km
33Ara02:2502:27Right Time708 km
34Buxar03:1203:14Right Time776 km
35DDU05:3205:42Right Time869 km
36Mirzapur07:0007:05Right Time933 km
37Vindhyachal07:1607:18Right Time940 km
38Naini Jn08:1808:20Right Time1011 km
39Allahabad Jn08:4008:55Right Time1018 km
40Fatehpur10:3810:40Right Time1135 km
41Kanpur Central12:1512:25Right Time1212 km
42Panki12:5012:52Right Time1223 km
43Rura13:4413:46Right Time1256 km
44Jhinjhak14:0514:07Right Time1275 km
45Phaphund14:2314:25Right Time1295 km
46Achalda14:4014:42Right Time1312 km
47Bharthana14:5915:01Right Time1331 km
48Etawah15:1815:23Right Time1351 km
49Shikohabad Jn16:0416:09Right Time1407 km
50Firozabad16:2616:31Right Time1427 km
51Tundla Jn17:3517:45Right Time1443 km
52Jalesar Road18:1018:12Right Time1471 km
53Hathras Jn18:2818:30Right Time1491 km
54Aligarh Jn18:5519:00Right Time1521 km
55Khurja Jn19:5019:52Right Time1564 km
56Ghaziabad21:4521:47Right Time1634 km
57Delhi Shahdara22:0422:06Right Time1648 km
58Delhi22:40Right Time1654 km