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15623 BGKT KYQ EXP Running status

17:08, Late 3h 23m
17:15, Late 3h 15m
Platform 2
Arrived at Kamakhya at 05:56 23 Nov 2018, 1428 kms. ahead of Lucknow
Train is diverted between New Jalpaiguri and New Cooch Behar
Updated23 Nov 2018 5:57
1Bhagat Ki Kothi16:00Right TimeDeparted
2Jodhpur Jn16:1116:25Late 5mDeparted
3Merta Road Jn18:2918:32Late 32mDeparted
4Degana Jn19:1019:13Late 29mDeparted
5Khatu19:3619:45Late 42mDeparted
6Chhoti Khatu19:4919:50Late 33mDeparted
7Didwana20:1720:20Late 24mDeparted
8Ladnun20:4620:49Late 28mDeparted
9Sujangarh21:0021:03Late 29mDeparted
10Ratangarh Jn21:3322:05Right TimeDeparted
11Churu22:3722:51Late 1mDeparted
12Sadulpur Jn23:3923:44Late 4mDeparted
13Loharu Jn00:2000:26Late 6mDeparted
14Mahendragarh01:0701:37Late 41mDeparted
15Rewari02:1702:51Late 1mDeparted
16Gurgaon03:3403:36Late 8mDeparted
17Delhi Cantt03:5503:57Late 11mDeparted
18Delhi05:0005:15Late 15mDeparted
19Ghaziabad05:4805:50Right TimeDeparted
20Moradabad08:2509:45Late 1h 27mDeparted
21Bareilly11:4611:50Late 1h 55mDeparted
22Lucknow17:0817:15Late 3h 15mDeparted
23Faizabad Jn21:0721:30Late 4h 56mDeparted
24Shahganj Jn23:3623:37Late 4h 37mDeparted
25Varanasi Jn01:5002:00Late 3h 45mDeparted
26Dd Upadhyaya Jn04:4104:55Late 5h 13mDeparted
27Gahmar06:0106:03Late 5h 25mDeparted
28Buxar06:2206:24Late 5h 26mDeparted
29Ara07:3207:55Late 6h 11mDeparted
30Patna Jn09:0809:20Late 6h 30mDeparted
31Barauni Jn13:0313:05Late 6h 55mDeparted
32Begu Sarai06:2806:30Late 2mDeparted
33Khagaria Jn.14:0014:02Late 6h 58mDeparted
34Naugachia15:0715:09Late 7h 1mDeparted
35Katihar Jn16:3317:09Late 6h 24mDeparted
36Sonaili17:2917:31Late 6h 23mDeparted
37Kishanganj19:3819:43Late 7h 0mDeparted
38New Jalpaiguri21:1521:28Late 7h 8mDeparted
39New Cooch Behar00:0700:18Late 6h 58mDeparted
40New Alipurduar00:3600:41Late 6h 56mDeparted
41Kokrajhar01:3501:37Late 6h 42mDeparted
42New Bongaigaon02:4503:01Late 7h 11mDeparted
43Barpeta Road03:3503:39Late 7h 4mDeparted
44Rangiya Jn04:5204:57Late 6h 47mDeparted
45Kamakhya05:56Late 6h 51mArrived