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15648 GHY LTT EXPRESS Running status

18:40, Late 3h 16m
18:42, Late 3h 16m
Departed from Baruna at 18:49, 7 kms. ahead of Dumraon
Running Late 3 hr, 16 mins
Train is diverted between Kishanganj and Patna Jn
Updated26 Sep 2018 18:51
1Guwahati16:13Late 1h 13mDeparted
2Kamakhya16:3016:36Late 1h 16mDeparted
3Rangiya Jn17:3718:04Late 1h 54mDeparted
4Barpeta Road19:1219:23Late 2h 1mDeparted
5New Bongaigaon20:0320:13Late 1h 13mDeparted
6New Alipurduar21:4221:52Late 1h 12mDeparted
7New Cooch Behar22:1022:15Late 1h 5mDeparted
8Dhupguri23:1723:20Late 1h 15mDeparted
9New Jalpaiguri00:2800:43Late 53mDeparted
10Kishanganj02:4502:50Late 1h 50mDeparted
11Katihar Jn04:4305:33Late 1h 50mDeparted
12Malda Town04:0004:10Right Time
13New Farakka Jn04:4704:49Right Time
14Barharwa Jn05:2605:30Right Time
15Sahibganj Jn06:2506:33Right Time
16Kahalgaon07:1207:13Right Time
17Bhagalpur08:1008:25Right Time
18Sultanganj08:4508:46Right Time
19Bariarpur09:0709:08Right Time
20Jamalpur Jn09:4810:03Right Time
21Abhaipur10:2210:23Right Time
22Kiul Jn11:0511:10Right Time
23Luckeesarai Jn11:1511:17Right Time
24Barhiya11:3111:33Right Time
25Hathidah Jn11:4311:45Right Time
26Mokameh Jn11:5511:57Right Time
27Barh12:1412:16Right Time
28Bakhtiyarpur Jn12:3112:33Right Time
29Khusropur12:4412:46Right Time
30Fatuha12:5512:57Right Time
31Patna Saheb13:2213:24Right Time
32Patna Jn16:2816:43Late 2h 43mDeparted
33Danapur17:0317:09Late 2h 48mDeparted
34Ara17:4917:51Late 2h 58mDeparted
35Dumraon18:4018:42Late 3h 16mDeparted
36Baruna18:4918:49No StoppageDeparted 16 min ago updated
37Buxar18:5619:00Late 3h 14m9 km away
38Dildarnagar Jn19:2619:28Late 3h 14m46 km away
39DDU20:1020:25Late 2h 33m102 km away
40Mirzapur21:1521:20Late 2h 25m166 km away
41Allahabd Chheoki22:1622:21Late 2h 16m242 km away
42Satna00:2200:32Late 1h 22m418 km away
43Katni01:4101:46Late 1h 16m516 km away
44Jabalpur02:5703:07Late 1h 7m607 km away
45Pipariya05:5605:58Late 43m785 km away
46Itarsi Jn06:5907:20Right Time852 km away
47Harda08:1008:12Right Time928 km away
48Khandwa10:0010:05Right Time1035 km away
49Burhanpur11:0111:04Late 2m1104 km away
50Bhusaval Jn11:4911:59Late 4m1159 km away
51Manmad Jn14:0514:10Late 3m1343 km away
52Nasik Road15:2715:32Late 7m1416 km away
53Devlali15:3915:44Late 7m1422 km away
54Igatpuri16:4917:05Right Time1467 km away
55Kalyan Jn18:4819:00Right Time1550 km away
56Thane19:1919:25Right Time1570 km away
57Lokmanyatilak19:46Right Time1587 km away