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15652 LOHIT EXPRESS Running status

00:00, Late 1h 15m
Yet to start
Updated19 Dec 2018 12:59
1Jammu Tawi22:45
Late 1h 15mYet to start
2Kathua01:0201:04Late 1h 12m76 km
3Pathankot Cantt01:3501:40Late 1h 10m99 km
4Jalandhar Cant03:1103:16Late 56m212 km
5Ludhiana Jn03:5904:09Late 39m264 km
6Ambala Cant Jn05:3305:41Late 16m378 km
7Yamunanagar Jagadhri06:1806:20Late 11m429 km
8Saharanpur06:5107:01Late 1m459 km
9Roorkee07:3107:33Late 1m494 km
10Laksar Jn07:5507:57Right Time512 km
11Moradabad10:1010:18Right Time652 km
12Bareilly11:4011:42Right Time742 km
13Hardoi13:3413:36Right Time875 km
14Lucknow15:2015:30Right Time977 km
15Gonda Jn17:3517:40Right Time1094 km
16Basti19:0719:10Right Time1183 km
17Gorakhpur20:4020:55Right Time1248 km
18Deoria Sadar21:3521:40Right Time1297 km
19Bhatni Jn22:0522:10Right Time1318 km
20Siwan Jn23:0523:10Right Time1367 km
21Chhapra00:4500:55Right Time1428 km
22Sonpur Jn01:5301:55Right Time1481 km
23Hajipur Jn02:0502:10Right Time1487 km
24Desari02:3702:39Right Time1507 km
25Mehnar Road02:5702:59Right Time1517 km
26Shahpur Patoree03:1403:16Right Time1525 km
27Mohiuddinnagar03:3603:38Right Time1538 km
28Barauni Jn05:4505:55Right Time1575 km
29Begu Sarai06:2806:30Right Time1590 km
30Khagaria Jn.07:0407:06Right Time1630 km
31Mansi Jn07:1607:18Right Time1639 km
32Naugachia08:0808:10Right Time1697 km
33Karagola Road09:2909:31Right Time1732 km
34Katihar Jn10:2010:45Right Time1754 km
35Kishanganj12:3812:43Right Time1851 km
36New Jalpaiguri14:0514:20Right Time1938 km
37Dhupguri15:5716:02Right Time2003 km
38New Cooch Behar17:1517:20Right Time2064 km
39New Alipurduar17:4017:45Right Time2083 km
40New Bongaigaon19:4019:50Right Time2189 km
41Rangiya Jn21:5522:00Right Time2299 km
42Kamakhya23:0523:10Right Time2340 km
43Guwahati23:40Right Time2346 km