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15707 KIR ASR EXPRESS Running status

Departure22:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Sep 2018 2:15
1Katihar Jn22:45Right TimeYet to start
2Karagola Road23:0623:08Right Time22 km
3Kursela23:2223:24Right Time39 km
4Naugachia23:4323:45Right Time57 km
5Thana Bihpur Jn00:0200:04Right Time73 km
6Mansi Jn01:0101:03Right Time115 km
7Khagaria Jn.01:1301:15Right Time124 km
8Begu Sarai01:4801:50Right Time164 km
9Barauni Jn03:0003:10Right Time179 km
10Samastipur Jn04:0004:05Right Time230 km
11Khudiram Bose Pusa04:1804:20Right Time244 km
12Dholi04:3204:34Right Time257 km
13Muzaffarpur Jn05:3005:35Right Time282 km
14Hajipur Jn06:4006:45Right Time336 km
15Sonpur Jn06:5507:00Right Time342 km
16Dighwara07:1907:21Right Time365 km
17Chhapra08:3508:45Right Time395 km
18Siwan Jn09:3009:35Right Time456 km
19Deoria Sadar10:3910:40Right Time526 km
20Gorakhpur12:2012:35Right Time575 km
21Khalilabad13:1413:16Right Time610 km
22Basti13:4513:48Right Time639 km
23Mankapur Jn14:3314:35Right Time701 km
24Gonda Jn15:1515:20Right Time729 km
25Barabanki Jn16:5316:55Right Time817 km
26Lucknow17:4017:50Right Time845 km
27Unnao Jn19:1319:15Right Time902 km
28Kanpur Central19:5020:00Right Time919 km
29Etawah21:3321:38Right Time1058 km
30Firozabad22:2622:31Right Time1134 km
31Tundla Jn23:1023:15Right Time1150 km
32Hathras Jn23:5123:53Right Time1198 km
33Aligarh Jn00:1500:20Right Time1228 km
34Khurja Jn00:5000:52Right Time1271 km
35Ghaziabad02:0502:07Right Time1341 km
36Delhi Shahdara02:2402:26Right Time1355 km
37Delhi02:5003:25Right Time1361 km
38Sonipat04:0504:07Right Time1404 km
39Panipat Jn04:4104:43Right Time1449 km
40Karnal05:0605:08Right Time1484 km
41Kurukshetra Jn05:3405:36Right Time1517 km
42Ambala Cant Jn06:5007:00Right Time1558 km
43Rajpura Jn07:2507:27Right Time1586 km
44Sirhind Jn07:4707:49Right Time1611 km
45Khanna08:0408:06Right Time1629 km
46Ludhiana Jn09:1809:28Right Time1672 km
47Phillaur Jn09:4309:45Right Time1685 km
48Phagwara Jn10:0310:05Right Time1708 km
49Jalandhar City10:3010:40Right Time1729 km
50Beas11:1311:15Right Time1765 km
51Amritsar Jn12:45Right Time1807 km