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15708 ASR KIR EXPRESS Running status

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Amritsar Jn-ASR
EExpected07:10 21 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Amritsar Jn07:10Right TimeYet to start
2Jandiala07:2407:26Right Time18 km
3Beas07:4307:45Right Time42 km
4Kartarpur08:0608:08Right Time63 km
5Jalandhar City08:3008:35Right Time78 km
6Jalandhar Cant08:4308:45Right Time83 km
7Phagwara Jn08:5809:00Right Time99 km
8Goraya09:1109:12Right Time109 km
9Phillaur Jn09:2309:25Right Time122 km
10Ludhiana Jn09:5010:00Right Time135 km
11Khanna10:3810:40Right Time177 km
12Sirhind Jn10:5610:58Right Time195 km
13Rajpura Jn11:1511:17Right Time221 km
14Ambala Cant Jn11:5512:00Right Time249 km
15Karnal12:5212:54Right Time323 km
16Panipat Jn13:2313:25Right Time358 km
17Sonipat13:5613:58Right Time403 km
18Subzi Mandi14:4014:42Right Time443 km
19Delhi15:0515:20Right Time446 km
20Khurja Jn16:4816:50Right Time535 km
21Aligarh Jn17:2517:28Right Time579 km
22Hathras Jn18:2118:23Right Time609 km
23Tundla Jn19:0819:13Right Time657 km
24Firozabad19:2719:30Right Time673 km
25Etawah20:4020:42Right Time749 km
26Kanpur Central22:5023:00Right Time888 km
27Unnao Jn23:2223:24Right Time905 km
28Lucknow00:2500:40Right Time961 km
29Barabanki Jn01:3501:37Right Time990 km
30Gonda Jn02:5503:00Right Time1078 km
31Mankapur Jn03:2403:26Right Time1106 km
32Basti04:1704:20Right Time1167 km
33Khalilabad04:4304:45Right Time1197 km
34Gorakhpur05:4506:00Right Time1232 km
35Deoria Sadar06:4806:50Right Time1281 km
36Siwan Jn07:5007:55Right Time1351 km
37Chhapra09:3509:50Right Time1412 km
38Dighwara10:2210:24Right Time1442 km
39Sonpur Jn10:5010:55Right Time1465 km
40Hajipur Jn11:0511:10Right Time1471 km
41Muzaffarpur Jn12:4512:50Right Time1525 km
42Dholi13:1013:12Right Time1550 km
43Khudiram Bose Pusa13:2413:26Right Time1563 km
44Samastipur Jn13:4513:50Right Time1576 km
45Barauni Jn15:1515:25Right Time1627 km
46Begu Sarai15:4315:48Right Time1643 km
47Khagaria Jn.16:2316:28Right Time1683 km
48Mansi Jn16:3816:43Right Time1692 km
49Thana Bihpur Jn17:2017:22Right Time1734 km
50Naugachia17:3817:40Right Time1750 km
51Kursela18:0318:05Right Time1768 km
52Karagola Road18:3818:40Right Time1784 km
53Katihar Jn20:10Right Time1807 km