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15959 KAMRUP EXPRESS Running status

Departure17:35 Right Time
Platform 8
Yet to start
Updated21 Sep 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn17:35Right TimeYet to start
2Bandel Jn18:2518:30Right Time39 km
3Ambika Kalna19:0419:09Right Time82 km
4Nabadwip Dham19:3219:37Right Time105 km
5Katwa Jn20:2820:33Right Time146 km
6Salar20:5020:52Right Time163 km
7Khagraghat Road21:4921:51Right Time205 km
8Azimganj22:4022:45Right Time219 km
9Jangipur Road23:1423:15Right Time254 km
10Nimtita00:0400:05Right Time274 km
11Dhulian Ganga00:1900:20Right Time284 km
12New Farakka Jn00:4700:52Right Time299 km
13Malda Town02:0002:10Right Time333 km
14Samsi02:3902:41Right Time368 km
15Harishchandrapur02:5702:59Right Time388 km
16Barsoi Jn03:3103:33Right Time421 km
17Kishanganj04:2004:25Right Time478 km
18Aluabari Road04:5004:52Right Time509 km
19New Jalpaiguri06:2006:35Right Time566 km
20Jalpaiguri Road07:1007:12Right Time599 km
21New Maynaguri07:2807:30Right Time611 km
22Dhupguri07:4507:47Right Time631 km
23Falakata08:1508:17Right Time654 km
24New Cooch Behar08:5509:00Right Time692 km
25New Alipurduar09:2009:25Right Time710 km
26Kamakhyaguri09:4809:50Right Time731 km
27Fakiragram Jn10:3110:33Right Time779 km
28Kokrajhar10:4310:45Right Time789 km
29New Bongaigaon11:4011:50Right Time817 km
30Bongaigaon11:5611:58Right Time820 km
31Sorbhog12:3212:34Right Time854 km
32Barpeta Road12:4312:48Right Time862 km
33Pathshala13:0613:08Right Time883 km
34Tihu13:1813:20Right Time892 km
35Nalbari13:3613:38Right Time910 km
36Rangiya Jn13:5313:58Right Time926 km
37Kamakhya15:0515:10Right Time967 km
38Guwahati15:3515:50Right Time974 km
39Chaparmukh Jn17:1717:19Right Time1065 km
40Hojai18:0618:08Right Time1110 km
41Lanka19:0819:10Right Time1124 km
42Lumding Jn20:0020:15Right Time1155 km
43Diphu20:4620:48Right Time1186 km
44Dimapur21:3021:45Right Time1223 km
45Sarupathar22:2822:30Right Time1260 km
46Barpathar22:4522:47Right Time1269 km
47Furkating Jn00:0500:10Right Time1293 km
48Mariani Jn01:0501:15Right Time1332 km
49Amguri01:4301:45Right Time1360 km
50Simaluguri Jn02:1002:15Right Time1386 km
51Bhojo02:4302:45Right Time1420 km
52Namrup03:1603:18Right Time1452 km
53Naharkatiya03:3003:35Right Time1463 km
54Duliajan03:4503:47Right Time1472 km
55New Tinsukia04:2504:35Right Time1488 km
56Dibrugarh05:55Right Time1530 km