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15960 KAMRUP EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected18:25 21 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Dibrugarh18:25Right TimeYet to start
2New Tinsukia19:3019:40Right Time41 km
3Duliajan20:0120:03Right Time57 km
4Naharkatiya20:1320:18Right Time66 km
5Namrup20:2920:31Right Time78 km
6Bhojo20:5620:58Right Time110 km
7Simaluguri Jn21:5722:02Right Time144 km
8Amguri22:2322:25Right Time170 km
9Mariani Jn23:0023:10Right Time198 km
10Furkating Jn00:1000:15Right Time236 km
11Barpathar00:3600:38Right Time260 km
12Sarupathar00:5000:52Right Time270 km
13Dimapur01:3701:52Right Time306 km
14Diphu02:3002:32Right Time343 km
15Lumding Jn03:1503:30Right Time375 km
16Lanka04:1804:20Right Time405 km
17Hojai04:3304:35Right Time420 km
18Chaparmukh Jn05:1505:20Right Time464 km
19Guwahati07:3007:45Right Time556 km
20Kamakhya08:0008:05Right Time562 km
21Rangiya Jn08:5709:02Right Time603 km
22Nalbari09:1809:20Right Time620 km
23Tihu09:3609:38Right Time637 km
24Pathshala09:4809:50Right Time647 km
25Barpeta Road10:0710:12Right Time668 km
26Sorbhog10:2410:26Right Time676 km
27Bongaigaon11:1011:12Right Time710 km
28New Bongaigaon11:3511:45Right Time712 km
29Kokrajhar12:1312:15Right Time740 km
30Fakiragram Jn12:2512:27Right Time750 km
31Kamakhyaguri13:0813:10Right Time799 km
32New Alipurduar13:3013:35Right Time819 km
33New Cooch Behar14:0014:05Right Time838 km
34Falakata14:4814:50Right Time876 km
35Dhupguri15:1315:18Right Time898 km
36New Maynaguri15:3515:37Right Time919 km
37Jalpaiguri Road15:5315:55Right Time930 km
38New Jalpaiguri16:4016:55Right Time964 km
39Aluabari Road17:3717:39Right Time1020 km
40Kishanganj18:0518:10Right Time1051 km
41Barsoi Jn19:0319:05Right Time1108 km
42Harishchandrapur19:4019:42Right Time1141 km
43Samsi20:1020:12Right Time1162 km
44Malda Town22:0022:10Right Time1196 km
45New Farakka Jn22:4222:47Right Time1231 km
46Dhulian Ganga23:0623:07Right Time1246 km
47Nimtita23:2123:22Right Time1256 km
48Jangipur Road23:4323:44Right Time1275 km
49Azimganj00:4000:48Right Time1310 km
50Khagraghat Road01:0301:05Right Time1325 km
51Salar01:5101:53Right Time1366 km
52Katwa Jn02:2502:30Right Time1383 km
53Nabadwip Dham03:0203:06Right Time1425 km
54Ambika Kalna03:2703:29Right Time1448 km
55Bandel Jn04:3004:35Right Time1490 km
56Howrah Jn05:45Right Time1529 km