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16127 MS GURUVAYUR EX Running status

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Chennai Egmore-MS
EExpected08:15 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Chennai Egmore08:15Right TimeYet to start
2Tambaram08:4308:45Right Time24 km
3Chengalpattu Jn09:1309:15Right Time55 km
4Melmaruvathur09:4309:45Right Time91 km
5Tindivanam10:0810:10Right Time121 km
6Villupuram Jn10:5010:55Right Time158 km
7Vriddhachalam Jn11:3111:33Right Time213 km
8Pennadam11:4411:45Right Time231 km
9Ariyalur12:1312:15Right Time266 km
10Srirangam12:5813:00Right Time324 km
11Tiruchchirappalli Jn13:3013:35Right Time330 km
12Manaparai13:5914:00Right Time366 km
13Dindigul Jn14:4814:50Right Time424 km
14Sholavandan15:1515:16Right Time469 km
15Kudalnagar15:3415:35Right Time486 km
16Madurai Jn16:0516:15Right Time490 km
17Virudunagar Jn16:5316:55Right Time533 km
18Satur17:1417:15Right Time560 km
19Kovilpatti17:3417:35Right Time581 km
20Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn18:2418:25Right Time618 km
21Tirunelveli19:3019:35Right Time647 km
22Nanguneri20:1920:20Right Time675 km
23Valliyur20:2920:30Right Time689 km
24Aralvaymoli20:4520:46Right Time707 km
25Nagarcoil Jn21:3021:40Right Time720 km
26Eraniel21:5121:52Right Time738 km
27Kulitthurai22:1522:16Right Time753 km
28Neyyattinkara22:4122:42Right Time774 km
29Thiruvananthapuram Central23:1523:20Right Time791 km
30Chirayinkil23:4123:42Right Time820 km
31Kadakavur23:4923:50Right Time823 km
32Varkala00:0100:02Right Time832 km
33Paravur00:1500:16Right Time843 km
34Kollam Jn00:3000:35Right Time855 km
35Kayankulam01:1801:20Right Time896 km
36Harippadu01:3501:36Right Time909 km
37Ambalapuzha01:5001:51Right Time927 km
38Alleppey02:0202:05Right Time940 km
39Shertallai02:2002:21Right Time963 km
40Ernakulam Jn03:2003:25Right Time996 km
41Ernakulam Town03:3003:32Right Time999 km
42Aluva (Alwaye)03:5003:52Right Time1016 km
43Angamali04:1204:13Right Time1025 km
44Chalakudi04:3004:31Right Time1040 km
45Irinjalakuda04:3904:40Right Time1047 km
46Thrisur05:0005:03Right Time1070 km
47Punkunnam05:0605:07Right Time1072 km
48Guruvayur05:50Right Time1093 km