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16128 GUV CHENNAI EXP Running status

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EExpected23:25 26 May 2018
PDelayLate 2h 0m
Last Update25 May 2018 14:11
Yet to start
Late 2h 0mYet to start
2Punkunnam23:4523:46Late 2h 0m20 km
3Thrisur23:5023:53Late 2h 0m22 km
4Irinjalakuda00:1400:15Late 2h 0m46 km
5Chalakudi00:2300:24Late 2h 0m52 km
6Angamali00:3800:39Late 2h 0m68 km
7Aluva (Alwaye)00:5300:55Late 2h 0m77 km
8Ernakulam Town01:1501:17Late 2h 0m94 km
9Ernakulam Jn01:3401:39Late 1h 54m96 km
10Shertallai02:1902:20Late 1h 49m129 km
11Alleppey02:3502:38Late 1h 48m153 km
12Ambalapuzha02:5302:54Late 1h 48m165 km
13Harippadu03:1503:16Late 1h 46m183 km
14Kayankulam03:2303:25Late 1h 35m196 km
15Kollam Jn04:0504:10Late 1h 35m237 km
16Paravur04:2304:24Late 1h 34m249 km
17Varkala04:3404:35Late 1h 34m261 km
18Kadakavur04:4404:45Late 1h 34m270 km
19Chirayinkil04:5004:51Late 1h 34m273 km
20Thiruvananthapuram Central05:1405:19Late 1h 19m302 km
21Neyyattinkara05:3905:40Late 1h 19m319 km
22Kulitthurai05:5805:59Late 1h 16m340 km
23Eraniel06:2106:22Late 1h 11m354 km
24Nagarcoil Jn06:5107:01Late 1h 6m373 km
25Aralvaymoli07:1407:15Late 1h 0m385 km
26Valliyur07:3307:34Late 1h 0m404 km
27Nanguneri07:4507:46Late 1h 0m418 km
28Tirunelveli08:2108:26Late 41m446 km
29Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn09:0109:11Late 36m475 km
30Kovilpatti09:5009:51Late 36m511 km
31Satur10:1210:13Late 36m532 km
32Virudunagar Jn10:2410:26Late 26m559 km
33Madurai Jn11:3011:35Late 15m602 km
34Sholavandan11:5411:55Late 15m624 km
35Dindigul Jn12:3012:31Late 11m668 km
36Manaparai13:1513:16Late 11m726 km
37Tiruchchirappalli Jn14:0014:05Right Time762 km
38Srirangam14:2414:25Right Time769 km
39Ariyalur15:1915:20Right Time827 km
40Pennadam15:4315:44Right Time862 km
41Vriddhachalam Jn16:0816:10Right Time880 km
42Villupuram Jn17:1017:15Right Time935 km
43Tindivanam17:4817:50Right Time972 km
44Melmaruvathur18:1318:15Right Time1002 km
45Chengalpattu Jn19:0819:10Right Time1037 km
46Tambaram19:3819:40Right Time1068 km
47Mambalam19:5820:00Right Time1086 km
48Chennai Egmore20:30Right Time1093 km