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16307 CANNANORE EXP Running status

Departure14:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Alleppey14:35Right TimeYet to start
2Shertallai14:5414:55Right Time24 km
3Turavur15:0415:05Right Time34 km
4Ernakulam Jn16:0516:10Right Time57 km
5Ernakulam Town16:1816:20Right Time59 km
6Aluva (Alwaye)16:3816:40Right Time76 km
7Angamali16:4916:50Right Time85 km
8Chalakudi16:5817:00Right Time101 km
9Irinjalakuda17:0917:10Right Time107 km
10Pudukad17:2317:25Right Time117 km
11Thrisur17:4317:45Right Time131 km
12Wadakancheri18:0818:09Right Time147 km
13Shoranur Jn19:0219:05Right Time164 km
14Pattambi19:1919:20Right Time175 km
15Kuttippuram19:3419:35Right Time194 km
16Tirunnavaya19:4419:45Right Time200 km
17Tirur19:5319:55Right Time209 km
18Tanur20:0420:05Right Time217 km
19Parpanangadi20:1420:15Right Time225 km
20Ferok20:3920:40Right Time240 km
21Kozhikkode (Calicut)20:5721:00Right Time250 km
22Quilandi21:2421:25Right Time274 km
23Payyoli21:3421:35Right Time287 km
24Vadakara (Badagara)21:4321:45Right Time296 km
25Mahe21:5421:55Right Time309 km
26Thalassery (Tellicherry)22:0822:10Right Time318 km
27Kannur (Cannanore)23:15Right Time339 km