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16339 NAGARCOIL EXP Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected12:10 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T12:10Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar12:1712:20Right Time8 km
3Thane12:4212:45Right Time33 km
4Kalyan Jn13:0513:08Right Time53 km
5Karjat13:4813:50Right Time99 km
6Lonavla14:3814:40Right Time127 km
7Pune Jn15:4515:50Right Time191 km
8Daund Jn17:0017:05Right Time266 km
9Kurduvadi18:5819:00Right Time375 km
10Solapur Jn20:1520:25Right Time454 km
11Gulbarga22:2722:30Right Time567 km
12Shahabad23:0023:02Right Time593 km
13Wadi23:1523:20Right Time604 km
14Yadgir23:5323:55Right Time642 km
15Raichur00:5801:00Right Time711 km
16Manthralayam Road01:2801:30Right Time739 km
17Adoni02:1902:20Right Time780 km
18Guntakal Jn03:2503:30Right Time832 km
19Gooty Jn03:5804:00Right Time860 km
20Anantapur05:2805:30Right Time917 km
21Dharmavaram Jn06:4806:50Right Time951 km
22Hindupur08:1808:20Right Time1030 km
23Krishnarajapurm10:2810:30Right Time1129 km
24Bangarapet11:5012:05Right Time1185 km
25Kuppam12:3412:35Right Time1219 km
26Tirupattur13:5914:00Right Time1268 km
27Salem Jn15:3515:40Right Time1381 km
28Erode Jn16:5017:00Right Time1444 km
29Karur18:1718:20Right Time1509 km
30Dindigul Jn19:5019:55Right Time1583 km
31Kodaikkanal Road20:1320:14Right Time1609 km
32Madurai Jn20:5020:55Right Time1649 km
33Virudunagar Jn22:2422:25Right Time1692 km
34Satur22:4422:45Right Time1719 km
35Kovilpatti23:0423:05Right Time1740 km
36Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn23:4023:41Right Time1777 km
37Tirunelveli01:2801:30Right Time1805 km
38Nanguneri02:1002:11Right Time1834 km
39Valliyur02:2102:22Right Time1848 km
40Nagarcoil Jn03:20Right Time1879 km