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16342 GURUVAYUR EXP Running status

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Thiruvananthapuram Central-TVC
EExpected17:30 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Thiruvananthapuram Central17:30Right TimeYet to start
2Varkala18:0518:06Right Time41 km
3Paravur18:1718:18Right Time52 km
4Mayyanad18:2218:23Right Time55 km
5Kollam Jn18:4018:43Right Time64 km
6Munroturuttu18:5418:55Right Time79 km
7Karunagapalli19:0519:06Right Time91 km
8Kayankulam19:2819:30Right Time105 km
9Harippadu19:4419:45Right Time118 km
10Ambalapuzha20:0520:06Right Time136 km
11Alleppey20:2020:22Right Time148 km
12Mararikulam20:3520:36Right Time161 km
13Shertallai20:5520:56Right Time172 km
14Turavur21:1021:11Right Time182 km
15Ernakulam Jn21:4021:45Right Time205 km
16Aluva (Alwaye)22:0822:10Right Time224 km
17Angamali22:1922:20Right Time233 km
18Chalakudi22:3422:35Right Time249 km
19Irinjalakuda22:4322:44Right Time255 km
20Thrisur23:2023:23Right Time279 km
21Punkunnam23:2823:29Right Time281 km
22Guruvayur00:20Right Time302 km