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16348 TRIVANDRUM EXP Running status

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Mangalore Central-MAQ
EExpected14:20 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Mangalore Central14:20Right TimeYet to start
2Kumbla14:4914:50Right Time33 km
3Kasaragod15:0315:05Right Time45 km
4Kotikulam15:1415:15Right Time55 km
5Kanhangad15:2915:30Right Time68 km
6Nileshwar15:3915:40Right Time78 km
7Charvattur15:4715:48Right Time83 km
8Trikarpur15:5415:55Right Time91 km
9Payyanur16:0316:05Right Time97 km
10Payangadi16:1416:15Right Time109 km
11Kannapuram16:2216:23Right Time117 km
12Kannur (Cannanore)16:5517:00Right Time131 km
13Thalassery (Tellicherry)17:1817:20Right Time152 km
14Mahe17:2817:30Right Time161 km
15Vadakara (Badagara)17:3817:40Right Time174 km
16Quilandi17:5818:00Right Time196 km
17Kozhikkode (Calicut)18:3518:40Right Time220 km
18Ferok18:5418:55Right Time230 km
19Valliukunnu19:0419:05Right Time240 km
20Parpanangadi19:1419:15Right Time245 km
21Tanur19:2419:25Right Time253 km
22Tirur19:3319:35Right Time261 km
23Kuttippuram19:5419:55Right Time276 km
24Pattambi20:1320:15Right Time295 km
25Shoranur Jn20:5021:00Right Time306 km
26Wadakancheri21:3521:36Right Time323 km
27Thrisur22:0022:03Right Time339 km
28Irinjalakuda22:2422:26Right Time363 km
29Chalakudi22:3222:34Right Time369 km
30Angamali22:5022:51Right Time385 km
31Aluva (Alwaye)23:0323:05Right Time394 km
32Ernakulam Town23:3523:40Right Time411 km
33Piravam Road00:1400:15Right Time442 km
34Kottayam00:4500:48Right Time473 km
35Changanaseri01:0901:10Right Time491 km
36Tiruvalla01:2001:21Right Time499 km
37Chengannur01:3101:33Right Time508 km
38Mavelikara01:4301:44Right Time521 km
39Kayankulam02:1002:12Right Time528 km
40Karunagapalli02:2502:26Right Time542 km
41Sasthankotta02:4002:41Right Time550 km
42Kollam Jn03:0503:10Right Time569 km
43Mayyanad03:1903:20Right Time578 km
44Paravur03:2303:24Right Time582 km
45Varkala03:3403:35Right Time593 km
46Kadakavur03:4503:46Right Time602 km
47Chirayinkil03:5203:53Right Time605 km
48Trivandrum Pettah04:1904:20Right Time631 km
49Thiruvananthapuram Central04:45Right Time634 km