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16381 KANYAKUMARI EXP Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected15:45 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T15:45Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar15:5716:00Right Time8 km
3Kalyan Jn16:3716:40Right Time53 km
4Karjat17:1817:20Right Time99 km
5Lonavla18:0718:10Right Time127 km
6Pune Jn19:1519:25Right Time191 km
7Daund Jn20:5020:55Right Time266 km
8Kurduvadi23:2023:22Right Time375 km
9Solapur Jn00:4500:55Right Time454 km
10Gulbarga02:5703:00Right Time567 km
11Wadi04:1504:20Right Time604 km
12Yadgir05:2405:25Right Time642 km
13Raichur06:2006:25Right Time711 km
14Adoni07:2907:30Right Time780 km
15Guntakal Jn08:3508:40Right Time832 km
16Gooty Jn09:0909:10Right Time860 km
17Tadipatri09:5309:55Right Time909 km
18Kondapuram10:2010:25Right Time937 km
19Yerraguntla10:5811:00Right Time978 km
20Cuddapah11:4311:45Right Time1017 km
21Nandalur12:1912:20Right Time1057 km
22Razampeta12:3812:40Right Time1068 km
23Koduru13:0513:10Right Time1101 km
24Renigunta Jn14:3014:35Right Time1142 km
25Tirupati15:1015:15Right Time1152 km
26Pakala Jn15:5415:55Right Time1194 km
27Chittoor16:2816:30Right Time1224 km
28Katpadi Jn17:4017:45Right Time1256 km
29Jolarpettai19:2819:30Right Time1340 km
30Salem Jn21:0221:05Right Time1460 km
31Erode Jn22:0522:10Right Time1523 km
32Tiruppur22:5322:55Right Time1573 km
33Coimbatore Jn23:4523:50Right Time1623 km
34Palakkad01:1001:15Right Time1677 km
35Ottappalam01:4301:45Right Time1709 km
36Wadakancheri02:2402:25Right Time1736 km
37Thrisur02:5002:53Right Time1753 km
38Irinjalakuda03:1803:19Right Time1777 km
39Chalakudi03:2603:27Right Time1783 km
40Angamali03:4203:43Right Time1798 km
41Aluva (Alwaye)04:0004:02Right Time1807 km
42Ernakulam Town05:0505:10Right Time1824 km
43Tripunitura05:3905:40Right Time1837 km
44Kottayam06:3506:38Right Time1887 km
45Changanaseri06:5806:59Right Time1905 km
46Tiruvalla07:0807:09Right Time1913 km
47Chengannur07:1907:21Right Time1922 km
48Mavelikara07:3507:36Right Time1934 km
49Kayankulam07:4507:47Right Time1942 km
50Karunagapalli08:0108:02Right Time1956 km
51Kollam Jn08:5008:55Right Time1983 km
52Paravur09:0809:09Right Time1995 km
53Varkala09:1909:20Right Time2006 km
54Kadakavur09:2909:30Right Time2016 km
55Chirayinkil09:3609:37Right Time2019 km
56Trivandrum Pettah09:5609:57Right Time2045 km
57Thiruvananthapuram Central10:1010:15Right Time2047 km
58Neyyattinkara10:3510:36Right Time2065 km
59Parassala10:5010:51Right Time2077 km
60Kulitthurai11:1911:20Right Time2085 km
61Eraniel11:3511:36Right Time2100 km
62Nagarcoil Jn12:0512:10Right Time2118 km
63Kanniyakumari12:35Right Time2134 km