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16508 JODHPUR EXPRESS Running status

Departure21:50 Right Time
Platform 8
Yet to start
Updated16 Jul 2018 2:15
1Ksr Bengaluru21:50Right TimeYet to start
2Yasvantpur Jn22:0322:05Right Time5 km
3Tumkur23:0323:05Right Time69 km
4Tiptur00:0500:06Right Time139 km
5Arsikere Jn00:4000:45Right Time165 km
6Birur Jn01:2801:30Right Time210 km
7Davangere03:0803:10Right Time325 km
8Harihar03:2803:30Right Time338 km
9Ranibennur03:5303:55Right Time370 km
10Haveri04:2304:25Right Time402 km
11Hubballi Jn06:3006:35Right Time477 km
12Dharwad06:5507:00Right Time497 km
13Londa Jn08:2008:25Right Time568 km
14Belagavi09:3809:40Right Time619 km
15Ghatprabha10:4910:50Right Time677 km
16Miraj Jn12:4012:45Right Time756 km
17Sangli12:5713:00Right Time763 km
18Karad13:5714:00Right Time831 km
19Satara15:0015:03Right Time890 km
20Pune Jn18:4018:50Right Time1035 km
21Lonavla19:5920:00Right Time1099 km
22Karjat20:4820:50Right Time1127 km
23Kalyan Jn21:2721:30Right Time1174 km
24Bhivandi Road22:0822:10Right Time1192 km
25Vasai Road22:5022:55Right Time1219 km
26Vapi00:5000:52Right Time1341 km
27Valsad01:1301:18Right Time1365 km
28Navsari02:0902:11Right Time1405 km
29Surat02:4502:55Right Time1434 km
30Bharuch Jn03:4703:49Right Time1493 km
31Vadodara Jn04:5305:03Right Time1563 km
32Anand Jn05:3405:36Right Time1599 km
33Nadiad Jn05:5105:53Right Time1617 km
34Ahmedabad Jn06:5507:05Right Time1663 km
35Mahesana Jn09:0709:08Right Time1731 km
36Siddhapur09:3809:40Right Time1767 km
37Palanpur Jn10:5010:56Right Time1796 km
38Abu Road11:4011:55Right Time1849 km
39Jawai Bandh13:1113:13Right Time1931 km
40Falna13:2813:30Right Time1948 km
41Marwar Jn14:4514:50Right Time2014 km
42Pali Marwar15:1515:20Right Time2045 km
43Luni Jn15:5816:01Right Time2086 km
44Bhagat Ki Kothi16:2416:26Right Time2114 km
45Jodhpur Jn16:50Right Time2117 km