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16525 BANGALORE EXP Running status

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EExpected10:30 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kanniyakumari10:30Right TimeYet to start
2Nagarcoil Jn10:4510:50Right Time15 km
3Eraniel11:1111:12Right Time33 km
4Kulitthurai11:2711:28Right Time48 km
5Parassala11:4011:41Right Time56 km
6Neyyattinkara12:0112:02Right Time69 km
7Thiruvananthapuram Central12:4512:50Right Time86 km
8Kazhakuttam13:0513:06Right Time99 km
9Chirayinkil13:1813:19Right Time115 km
10Kadakavur13:2513:26Right Time118 km
11Varkala13:3613:37Right Time127 km
12Paravur13:4913:50Right Time138 km
13Kollam Jn14:0514:10Right Time151 km
14Sasthankotta14:2814:29Right Time170 km
15Karunagapalli14:4014:41Right Time178 km
16Kayankulam15:0215:04Right Time191 km
17Mavelikara15:1215:13Right Time199 km
18Chengannur15:2315:25Right Time212 km
19Tiruvalla15:3515:36Right Time221 km
20Changanaseri15:4615:47Right Time229 km
21Kottayam16:2716:30Right Time246 km
22Piravam Road17:0917:10Right Time277 km
23Tripunitura17:2917:30Right Time296 km
24Ernakulam Town18:0018:05Right Time309 km
25Aluva (Alwaye)18:2718:29Right Time326 km
26Angamali18:3818:39Right Time335 km
27Chalakudi18:5919:00Right Time351 km
28Irinjalakuda19:0719:08Right Time357 km
29Pudukad19:2019:21Right Time367 km
30Thrisur19:5720:00Right Time381 km
31Wadakancheri20:1520:16Right Time397 km
32Ottappalam20:4320:45Right Time423 km
33Palakkad21:1021:15Right Time454 km
34Coimbatore Jn22:5022:55Right Time508 km
35Tiruppur23:3823:40Right Time558 km
36Erode Jn00:3000:40Right Time609 km
37Salem Jn01:3701:40Right Time671 km
38Tirupattur03:0303:05Right Time784 km
39Kuppam04:2804:30Right Time833 km
40Bangarapet05:0805:10Right Time867 km
41Malur05:3305:35Right Time894 km
42Whitefield05:5906:00Right Time914 km
43Krishnarajapurm06:1806:20Right Time924 km
44Bangalore East06:2706:28Right Time931 km
45Bangalore Cant06:4006:45Right Time933 km
46Ksr Bengaluru07:20Right Time938 km