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16589 RANI CHENNAMMA Running status

Departure21:15 Right Time
Platform 8
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Ksr Bengaluru21:15Right TimeYet to start
2Yasvantpur Jn21:2621:27Right Time5 km
3Dodbele21:4621:47Right Time37 km
4Tumkur22:2522:27Right Time69 km
5Ammasandra23:0523:06Right Time112 km
6Tiptur23:3323:35Right Time139 km
7Arsikere Jn00:0500:10Right Time165 km
8Kadur00:4300:45Right Time204 km
9Birur Jn00:5400:56Right Time210 km
10Davangere02:3302:35Right Time325 km
11Harihar02:5302:55Right Time338 km
12Ranibennur03:2003:22Right Time370 km
13Haveri03:4803:50Right Time402 km
14Hubballi Jn05:3505:45Right Time477 km
15Dharwad06:0906:10Right Time497 km
16Alanavar Jn06:4906:50Right Time534 km
17Londa Jn07:2807:30Right Time568 km
18Khanapur07:5908:00Right Time593 km
19Belagavi08:2808:30Right Time619 km
20Pachhapur09:1909:20Right Time655 km
21Gokak Road09:3909:40Right Time671 km
22Ghatprabha09:4909:50Right Time677 km
23Chikodi Road09:5910:10Right Time692 km
24Raybag10:2910:30Right Time706 km
25Chinchli10:3910:40Right Time716 km
26Kudachi10:4910:50Right Time723 km
27Ugar Khurd11:0411:05Right Time730 km
28Miraj Jn12:0012:15Right Time756 km
29Hatkanagale12:4312:45Right Time783 km
30C Sahumaharaj T Kolhapur13:40Right Time803 km