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16593 NED SBC EXP Running status

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H Sahib Nanded-NED
EExpected06:00 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1H Sahib Nanded06:00Right TimeYet to start
2Purna Jn06:3306:35Right Time30 km
3Parbhani Jn07:1507:17Right Time58 km
4Gangakher07:4907:50Right Time93 km
5Parli Vaijnath08:4008:50Right Time122 km
6Pangaon09:3909:40Right Time158 km
7Janwal09:5910:00Right Time174 km
8Latur Road10:0910:10Right Time185 km
9Udgir10:3910:40Right Time218 km
10Kamalnagar10:5911:00Right Time237 km
11Bhalki11:2711:28Right Time261 km
12Bidar12:1412:15Right Time299 km
13Zahirabad12:4712:48Right Time330 km
14Vikarabad Jn14:3014:40Right Time390 km
15Tandur15:3315:34Right Time431 km
16Kurgunta15:5315:54Right Time456 km
17Seram16:0316:04Right Time464 km
18Malkhaid Road16:1316:14Right Time477 km
19Chittapur16:2416:25Right Time487 km
20Halakatta17:1217:13Right Time501 km
21Nalwar17:2417:25Right Time513 km
22Yadgir17:4417:45Right Time539 km
23Saidapur18:0418:05Right Time562 km
24Krishna18:3418:35Right Time582 km
25Raichur19:0919:10Right Time607 km
26Matmari19:2419:25Right Time624 km
27Manthralayam Road19:3419:35Right Time635 km
28Kosgi19:5119:52Right Time648 km
29Kupgal20:0120:02Right Time662 km
30Adoni20:1920:20Right Time676 km
31Nagarur20:2820:29Right Time686 km
32Guntakal Jn21:1521:20Right Time728 km
33Gooty Jn21:4321:45Right Time757 km
34Anantapur22:5823:00Right Time813 km
35Dharmavaram Jn00:2500:30Right Time847 km
36Penukonda01:2301:25Right Time900 km
37Hindupur01:5902:00Right Time937 km
38Gauribidanur02:2802:30Right Time961 km
39Dodballapur03:1903:20Right Time1000 km
40Yelahanka Jn.03:5804:00Right Time1021 km
41Yasvantpur Jn04:4504:50Right Time1033 km
42Malleswaram05:0405:05Right Time1036 km
43Ksr Bengaluru05:30Right Time1039 km