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16723 ANANTAPURI EXP Running status

Departure19:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Dec 2018 10:15
1Chennai Egmore19:50Right TimeYet to start
2Tambaram20:1820:20Right Time25 km
3Chengalpattu Jn20:4820:50Right Time56 km
4Madurantakam21:0821:10Right Time80 km
5Melmaruvathur21:1821:20Right Time91 km
6Tindivanam21:4321:45Right Time121 km
7Villupuram Jn22:2522:30Right Time158 km
8Vriddhachalam Jn23:1023:12Right Time213 km
9Tiruchchirappalli Jn01:1001:15Right Time331 km
10Dindigul Jn02:2802:30Right Time425 km
11Kodaikkanal Road02:4902:50Right Time450 km
12Madurai Jn04:1004:15Right Time491 km
13Tirumangalam04:3404:35Right Time508 km
14Virudunagar Jn04:5404:55Right Time534 km
15Satur05:1905:20Right Time561 km
16Kovilpatti05:4405:45Right Time582 km
17Kadambur06:0006:10Right Time604 km
18Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn06:2406:25Right Time618 km
19Tirunelveli07:5508:00Right Time647 km
20Nanguneri08:2408:25Right Time675 km
21Valliyur08:3508:36Right Time689 km
22N Panakudi08:4408:45Right Time697 km
23Aralvaymoli08:5608:57Right Time708 km
24Nagarcoil Jn09:3009:40Right Time720 km
25Eraniel09:5910:00Right Time739 km
26Kulitthurai10:1510:16Right Time753 km
27Parassala10:2710:28Right Time762 km
28Neyyattinkara11:0011:01Right Time774 km
29Thiruvananthapuram Central11:4011:45Right Time791 km
30Varkala12:1912:20Right Time832 km
31Kollam Jn13:30Right Time856 km