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17058 DEVAGIRI EXP Running status

Departure12:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated10 Dec 2018 10:15
1Secunderabad Jn12:25Right TimeYet to start
2Bolarum12:4012:41Right Time16 km
3Mirzapalli13:1613:17Right Time75 km
4Akanapet13:2413:25Right Time84 km
5Kamareddi14:0314:05Right Time111 km
6Nizamabad15:0015:05Right Time163 km
7Basar15:3515:37Right Time192 km
8Dharmabad15:4615:47Right Time202 km
9Umri16:2016:21Right Time231 km
10Mudkhed Jn17:0817:10Right Time251 km
11H Sahib Nanded18:0018:05Right Time274 km
12Purna Jn18:4318:45Right Time304 km
13Parbhani Jn19:2819:30Right Time333 km
14Manwath Road19:5419:55Right Time360 km
15Selu20:1920:20Right Time375 km
16Partur20:4920:50Right Time402 km
17Jalna22:0522:07Right Time447 km
18Aurangabad23:2023:25Right Time510 km
19Lasur23:4923:50Right Time543 km
20Rotegaon00:1900:20Right Time571 km
21Manmad Jn01:4001:50Right Time621 km
22Lasalgaon02:1302:15Right Time646 km
23Nasik Road02:5503:00Right Time694 km
24Devlali03:0803:10Right Time700 km
25Igatpuri04:1004:15Right Time745 km
26Kalyan Jn05:4705:50Right Time828 km
27Thane06:1206:15Right Time849 km
28Dadar06:3706:40Right Time873 km
29C Shivaji Maharaj T07:10Right Time882 km