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17229 SABARI EXPRESS Running status

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Thiruvananthapuram Central-TVC
EExpected07:15 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Thiruvananthapuram Central07:15Right TimeYet to start
2Varkala07:4807:49Right Time41 km
3Kollam Jn08:1508:20Right Time64 km
4Karunagapalli08:4508:46Right Time91 km
5Kayankulam09:0309:05Right Time105 km
6Mavelikara09:1509:16Right Time113 km
7Chengannur09:2609:28Right Time125 km
8Tiruvalla09:3809:39Right Time134 km
9Changanaseri10:0010:01Right Time142 km
10Kottayam10:3710:40Right Time160 km
11Ernakulam Town12:0512:10Right Time223 km
12Aluva (Alwaye)12:3012:32Right Time240 km
13Thrisur13:2213:25Right Time294 km
14Shoranur Jn14:1514:25Right Time327 km
15Ottappalam14:4314:45Right Time336 km
16Palakkad15:1515:20Right Time367 km
17Coimbatore Jn16:3016:35Right Time421 km
18Tiruppur17:1817:20Right Time472 km
19Erode Jn18:2018:30Right Time522 km
20Salem Jn19:2519:30Right Time584 km
21Morappur20:1920:20Right Time650 km
22Jolarpettai21:1821:20Right Time704 km
23Katpadi Jn22:3822:40Right Time788 km
24Chittoor23:1323:15Right Time821 km
25Tirupati00:3000:35Right Time892 km
26Renigunta Jn00:5001:00Right Time902 km
27Gudur Jn02:4502:47Right Time985 km
28Nellore03:1203:13Right Time1024 km
29Singarayakonda04:1404:15Right Time1112 km
30Ongole04:3904:40Right Time1140 km
31Chirala05:1905:20Right Time1189 km
32Bapatla05:3405:35Right Time1204 km
33Nidubrolu05:4705:48Right Time1225 km
34Tenali Jn06:2806:30Right Time1247 km
35Guntur Jn07:0507:20Right Time1272 km
36Sattenapalle07:5908:00Right Time1314 km
37Piduguralla08:2708:28Right Time1346 km
38Nadikude Jn08:5008:51Right Time1367 km
39Mirylaguda09:2909:30Right Time1406 km
40Nalgonda10:0010:01Right Time1444 km
41Charlapalli11:4011:42Right Time1541 km
42Secunderabad Jn12:1512:20Right Time1554 km
43Hyderabad Decan12:55Right Time1562 km