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17406 KRISHNA EXP Running status

Departure20:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Adilabad20:45Right TimeYet to start
2Kinwat21:1921:20Right Time45 km
3Bodhani Bujrug21:3421:35Right Time60 km
4Sahasrakund21:5922:00Right Time90 km
5Himayatnagar Deccan22:1922:20Right Time105 km
6Bhokar23:0423:05Right Time149 km
7Mudkhed Jn23:5000:05Right Time172 km
8Umri00:3300:34Right Time192 km
9Dharmabad01:0101:02Right Time221 km
10Basar01:1801:20Right Time231 km
11Nizamabad02:0502:10Right Time261 km
12Kamareddi02:5803:00Right Time312 km
13Akanapet03:2803:29Right Time339 km
14Mirzapalli03:3703:38Right Time349 km
15Bolarum04:5504:56Right Time407 km
16Malkajgiri05:1905:20Right Time417 km
17Secunderabad Jn05:4506:05Right Time420 km
18Maula Ali06:1306:14Right Time426 km
19Charlapalli06:2106:22Right Time433 km
20Bhongir06:4906:50Right Time467 km
21Raigir06:5406:55Right Time473 km
22Aler07:0807:09Right Time490 km
23Pembarti07:1707:18Right Time498 km
24Jangaon07:2607:27Right Time504 km
25Raghunathpalli07:3607:37Right Time516 km
26Ghanapur07:4907:50Right Time532 km
27Kazipet Jn08:1808:20Right Time552 km
28Warangal08:3308:34Right Time572 km
29Nekonda08:5909:00Right Time602 km
30Kesamudram09:1109:12Right Time617 km
31Mahbubabad09:2309:24Right Time632 km
32Garla09:3509:36Right Time652 km
33Dornakal Jn09:5309:54Right Time656 km
34Khammam10:1910:20Right Time679 km
35Bonakalu10:4710:48Right Time706 km
36Madhira11:0511:06Right Time722 km
37Errupalem11:1711:18Right Time736 km
38Kondapalli12:1912:20Right Time760 km
39Vijayawada Jn12:4513:05Right Time778 km
40Peddavadiapudi13:1913:20Right Time790 km
41Duggirala13:3113:32Right Time800 km
42Tenali Jn13:4813:50Right Time809 km
43Tsunduru13:5914:00Right Time821 km
44Nidubrolu14:1114:12Right Time831 km
45Bapatla14:3014:31Right Time852 km
46Chirala14:4214:43Right Time867 km
47Vetapalem14:5114:52Right Time875 km
48Chinna Ganjam15:0215:03Right Time887 km
49Ammanabrolu15:1415:15Right Time901 km
50Ongole15:3615:38Right Time916 km
51Tanguturu15:5415:55Right Time935 km
52Singarayakonda16:0316:04Right Time944 km
53Kavali16:2716:29Right Time982 km
54Bitragunta16:3916:40Right Time998 km
55Nellore17:2817:30Right Time1032 km
56Vedayapalem17:4817:50Right Time1039 km
57Gudur Jn19:1319:15Right Time1071 km
58Vendodu19:4719:48Right Time1090 km
59Venkatagiri19:5920:00Right Time1106 km
60Sri Kalahasti20:1920:20Right Time1130 km
61Renigunta Jn20:4420:45Right Time1154 km
62Tirupati21:15Right Time1164 km