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17479 PURI TPTY EXP Running status

Departed from Ichchapuram at 17:42, 214 kms. ahead of Puri
Running Late 15 mins
Train is cancelled between Puri and Khurda Road Jn
Updated20 Sep 2018 17:49
2Sakhi Gopal13:3213:34Cancelled
3Khurda Road Jn14:0514:25Cancelled
4Nirakarpur14:5314:55Late 8mDeparted
5Bhusandpur15:0315:04Late 9mDeparted
6Kalupara Ghat15:1215:14Late 9mDeparted
7Kuhuri15:2115:22Late 8mDeparted
8Gangadharpur15:2915:30Late 7mDeparted
9Balugaon15:4215:44Late 2mDeparted
10Chilka15:5015:51Late 1mDeparted
11Khallikot15:5916:01Late 1mDeparted
12Rambha16:1416:30Late 19mDeparted
13Ganjam16:4116:42Late 18mDeparted
14Chatrapur16:5016:52Late 18mDeparted
15Brahmapur17:1417:19Late 17mDeparted
16Ichchapuram17:4017:42Late 15mDeparted 24 min ago updated
17Sompeta17:5517:57Late 15m18 km away
18Mandasa Road18:1218:14Late 12m37 km away
19Palasa18:4518:50Right Time50 km away
20Pundi19:0019:02Right Time62 km away
21Naupada Jn19:1419:16Right Time75 km away
22Kotabommali19:2619:28Right Time89 km away
23Tilaru19:3919:41Right Time103 km away
24Srikakulam Road19:5820:03Right Time123 km away
25Dusi20:0920:11Right Time129 km away
26Ponduru20:2120:23Right Time138 km away
27Sigadam20:3220:34Right Time148 km away
28Chipurupalli20:4620:48Right Time161 km away
29Garividi20:5520:57Right Time168 km away
30Vizianagram Jn21:4021:45Right Time192 km away
31Kottavalasa22:1422:16Right Time227 km away
32Simhachalam22:3022:32Right Time245 km away
33Visakhapatnam23:1523:35Right Time253 km away
34Duvvada00:1000:12Right Time270 km away
35Anakapalle00:2800:29Right Time286 km away
36Ellamanchiii00:5300:54Right Time310 km away
37Tuni01:1701:18Right Time350 km away
38Annavaram01:3201:33Right Time367 km away
39Pithapuram01:5101:52Right Time392 km away
40Samalkot Jn02:0502:06Right Time404 km away
41Anaparti02:2502:26Right Time430 km away
42Dwarapudi02:3102:32Right Time434 km away
43Rajamundry03:0903:10Right Time454 km away
44Kovvur03:2403:25Right Time461 km away
45Nidadavolu Jn03:4403:45Right Time476 km away
46Tanuku04:0704:08Right Time493 km away
47Attili04:3404:35Right Time504 km away
48Bhimavaram Town05:0105:02Right Time524 km away
49Akividu05:2405:25Right Time541 km away
50Kaikolur05:4605:47Right Time558 km away
51Gudivada Jn06:3906:40Right Time587 km away
52Vijayawada Jn08:0008:20Right Time630 km away
53Duggirala08:4308:44Right Time652 km away
54Tenali Jn08:5308:54Right Time662 km away
55Nidubrolu09:1409:15Right Time684 km away
56Bapatla09:3409:35Right Time704 km away
57Chirala09:4709:48Right Time719 km away
58Vetapalem09:5709:58Right Time727 km away
59Chinna Ganjam10:0910:10Right Time740 km away
60Ammanabrolu10:2310:24Right Time754 km away
61Ongole10:4410:45Right Time769 km away
62Tanguturu11:0311:04Right Time787 km away
63Singarayakonda11:1211:13Right Time797 km away
64Kavali11:4911:50Right Time834 km away
65Bitragunta12:0412:05Right Time851 km away
66Nellore12:3212:33Right Time885 km away
67Gudur Jn14:0014:05Right Time923 km away
68Vendodu14:1914:20Right Time942 km away
69Venkatagiri14:3414:35Right Time959 km away
70Sri Kalahasti14:5414:55Right Time983 km away
71Renigunta Jn15:2815:30Right Time1006 km away
72Tirupati16:20Right Time1016 km away