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17480 TPTY PURI EXP Running status

Departure10:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is cancelled between Khurda Road Jn and Puri
Updated7 Sep 2018 22:16
1Tirupati10:35Right TimeCancelled
2Renigunta Jn10:5010:55Right Time10 km
3Sri Kalahasti11:1311:15Right Time33 km
4Venkatagiri11:3911:40Right Time57 km
5Vendodu11:5912:00Right Time74 km
6Gudur Jn12:4012:45Right Time93 km
7Nellore13:1413:16Right Time131 km
8Bitragunta13:5413:55Right Time165 km
9Kavali14:1414:15Right Time182 km
10Singarayakonda14:4514:46Right Time219 km
11Tanguturu14:5514:56Right Time229 km
12Ongole15:2115:22Right Time247 km
13Ammanabrolu15:3215:33Right Time262 km
14Chinna Ganjam15:5115:52Right Time276 km
15Vetapalem15:5916:00Right Time289 km
16Chirala16:1016:11Right Time297 km
17Bapatla16:2316:24Right Time312 km
18Nidubrolu16:4216:43Right Time332 km
19Tsunduru16:5216:53Right Time343 km
20Tenali Jn17:0917:10Right Time354 km
21Duggirala17:1917:20Right Time364 km
22Vijayawada Jn18:2018:35Right Time386 km
23Gudivada Jn19:4419:45Right Time428 km
24Kaikolur20:3220:33Right Time457 km
25Akividu20:5320:55Right Time474 km
26Bhimavaram Town21:1921:20Right Time491 km
27Attili21:5922:00Right Time510 km
28Tanuku22:1922:20Right Time521 km
29Nidadavolu Jn22:5923:00Right Time537 km
30Kovvur23:1323:14Right Time552 km
31Rajamundry23:3323:35Right Time560 km
32Dwarapudi23:4923:50Right Time580 km
33Anaparti23:5423:55Right Time584 km
34Samalkot Jn00:3900:40Right Time610 km
35Pithapuram00:4900:50Right Time622 km
36Annavaram01:0901:10Right Time647 km
37Tuni01:4401:45Right Time664 km
38Ellamanchiii02:1902:20Right Time703 km
39Anakapalle03:0803:10Right Time727 km
40Duvvada04:0004:02Right Time743 km
41Visakhapatnam04:4505:05Right Time761 km
42Simhachalam05:2005:22Right Time769 km
43Kottavalasa05:3505:37Right Time787 km
44Vizianagram Jn06:0706:12Right Time822 km
45Garividi06:3206:34Right Time846 km
46Chipurupalli06:4106:43Right Time852 km
47Sigadam06:5406:56Right Time865 km
48Ponduru07:0507:07Right Time876 km
49Dusi07:1607:18Right Time884 km
50Srikakulam Road07:3707:42Right Time891 km
51Tilaru07:5707:59Right Time911 km
52Kotabommali08:1008:12Right Time924 km
53Naupada Jn08:2308:25Right Time938 km
54Pundi08:3608:38Right Time951 km
55Palasa09:0509:10Right Time964 km
56Mandasa Road09:2309:24Right Time977 km
57Sompeta09:3909:41Right Time995 km
58Ichchapuram09:5409:56Right Time1013 km
59Brahmapur10:1510:20Right Time1038 km
60Chatrapur10:3410:36Right Time1059 km
61Ganjam10:4410:45Right Time1068 km
62Rambha11:0511:07Right Time1085 km
63Khallikot11:1711:19Right Time1096 km
64Chilka11:2711:29Right Time1106 km
65Balugaon11:4011:42Right Time1114 km
66Gangadharpur11:5511:57Right Time1127 km
67Kuhuri12:0512:07Right Time1134 km
68Kalupara Ghat12:1412:16Right Time1141 km
69Bhusandpur12:2312:25Right Time1151 km
70Nirakarpur12:3212:34Right Time1159 km
71Khurda Road Jn13:0513:251184 km
72Sakhi Gopal13:4813:50Cancelled