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17644 CIRCAR EXP Running status

Departure14:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Oct 2018 2:15
1Kakinada Port14:30Right TimeYet to start
2Kakinada Town14:3814:43Right Time2 km
3Samalkot Jn14:4614:48Right Time14 km
4Anaparti15:1415:15Right Time41 km
5Dwarapudi15:1915:20Right Time45 km
6Rajamundry15:4515:50Right Time64 km
7Kovvur16:0116:02Right Time72 km
8Nidadavolu Jn16:2416:25Right Time87 km
9Tanuku16:5516:56Right Time104 km
10Attili17:1217:13Right Time114 km
11Bhimavaram Town17:4317:44Right Time134 km
12Akividu18:0518:07Right Time152 km
13Kaikolur18:2618:27Right Time169 km
14Gudivada Jn19:2419:25Right Time198 km
15Vijayawada Jn20:3020:45Right Time241 km
16Mangalagiri21:2021:21Right Time253 km
17New Guntur21:4021:42Right Time272 km
18Tenali Jn22:2522:30Right Time296 km
19Nidubrolu22:4322:44Right Time318 km
20Bapatla23:0123:02Right Time339 km
21Chirala23:1723:18Right Time354 km
22Vetapalem23:2723:28Right Time362 km
23Chinna Ganjam23:4423:45Right Time374 km
24Ongole00:1900:20Right Time403 km
25Singarayakonda00:4600:47Right Time431 km
26Kavali01:1401:15Right Time469 km
27Bitragunta01:2401:25Right Time485 km
28Nellore01:4401:45Right Time519 km
29Gudur Jn03:3303:35Right Time558 km
30Nayudupeta03:5804:00Right Time585 km
31Sullurupeta04:2304:25Right Time612 km
32Gummidipundi04:4804:50Right Time648 km
33Chennai Egmore06:3006:50Right Time699 km
34Mambalam07:0007:02Right Time706 km
35Tambaram07:2807:30Right Time724 km
36Chengalpattu Jn08:20Right Time755 km