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18005 HWH SBP JDB EXP Running status

Departure21:30 Right Time
Platform 19
Yet to start
Updated19 Jul 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn21:30Right TimeYet to start
2Ulubaria22:0322:07Right Time32 km
3Bagnan22:2422:25Right Time45 km
4Mecheda22:3822:40Right Time58 km
5Panskura22:5122:55Right Time73 km
6Kharagpur Jn23:4523:50Right Time118 km
7Jhargram00:2300:25Right Time156 km
8Tatanagar Jn01:4201:47Right Time252 km
9Sini Jn02:1402:15Right Time279 km
10Rajkharsawan Jn02:3102:32Right Time294 km
11Chakradharpur02:5303:00Right Time315 km
12Manoharpur03:5003:51Right Time376 km
13Bisra04:1304:14Right Time401 km
14Bondamunda Jn04:2504:26Right Time411 km
15Rourkela04:4305:21Right Time414 km
16Panposh05:3105:32Right Time420 km
17Kalunga05:4505:46Right Time427 km
18Kansbahal05:5705:58Right Time434 km
19Rajgangpur06:1106:12Right Time444 km
20Garpos06:3106:32Right Time462 km
21Bamra06:4906:50Right Time479 km
22Bagdihi07:0607:07Right Time494 km
23Jharsuguda Jn07:3507:50Right Time515 km
24Rengali08:1308:15Right Time541 km
25Sambalpur Road08:3308:35Right Time562 km
26Sambalpur08:4509:00Right Time564 km
27Hirakud09:1009:12Right Time571 km
28Bargarh Road09:4009:45Right Time606 km
29Barpali09:5810:00Right Time625 km
30Balangir10:5010:55Right Time682 km
31Saintala11:2011:22Right Time717 km
32Badmal11:3011:32Right Time725 km
33Titlagarh12:1012:20Right Time745 km
34Kesinga12:3312:38Right Time758 km
35Rupra Road12:5312:55Right Time775 km
36Norla Road13:0313:05Right Time781 km
37Ambodala13:2813:30Right Time806 km
38Muniguda13:5313:55Right Time831 km
39Therubali14:3814:40Right Time867 km
40Singapuram Road15:0815:10Right Time876 km
41Rayagada15:2015:45Right Time885 km
42Tikiri17:2017:22Right Time975 km
43Lakshmipur Road17:5017:52Right Time997 km
44Kakiriguma18:1918:29Right Time1012 km
45Damanjodi18:4518:47Right Time1039 km
46Koraput Jn19:3019:55Right Time1058 km
47Jeypore20:5821:00Right Time1099 km
48Jagdalpur22:45Right Time1164 km