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18006 KORAPUT HWH EXP Running status

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EExpected04:15 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jagdalpur04:15Right TimeYet to start
2Jeypore05:2305:25Right Time64 km
3Koraput Jn06:3507:00Right Time105 km
4Damanjodi07:2807:30Right Time124 km
5Lakshmipur Road08:1808:20Right Time167 km
6Tikiri08:4808:50Right Time188 km
7Rayagada10:4011:05Right Time278 km
8Singapuram Road11:1811:20Right Time288 km
9Therubali11:2811:30Right Time297 km
10Muniguda12:0312:05Right Time332 km
11Ambodala12:2312:25Right Time357 km
12Norla Road12:4812:50Right Time382 km
13Rupra Road12:5813:00Right Time389 km
14Kesinga13:1313:18Right Time405 km
15Titlagarh13:5014:00Right Time418 km
16Badmal14:1814:20Right Time438 km
17Saintala14:3014:32Right Time447 km
18Balangir15:0015:05Right Time481 km
19Barpali15:4815:50Right Time538 km
20Bargarh Road16:0516:10Right Time557 km
21Hirakud16:4816:50Right Time592 km
22Sambalpur17:1017:40Right Time599 km
23Sambalpur Road17:4617:48Right Time601 km
24Rengali18:1018:15Right Time622 km
25Jharsuguda Jn19:2019:25Right Time648 km
26Bagdihi19:4719:48Right Time669 km
27Bamra20:0620:07Right Time685 km
28Garpos20:2220:23Right Time701 km
29Rajgangpur20:4420:45Right Time719 km
30Kansbahal20:5921:00Right Time729 km
31Kalunga21:1021:11Right Time736 km
32Panposh21:2121:22Right Time744 km
33Rourkela21:3521:55Right Time749 km
34Bisra22:1722:18Right Time767 km
35Manoharpur22:3922:40Right Time793 km
36Chakradharpur23:3523:42Right Time854 km
37Rajkharsawan Jn00:0100:02Right Time874 km
38Sini Jn00:1900:20Right Time889 km
39Tatanagar Jn01:0501:15Right Time916 km
40Jhargram02:3102:33Right Time1012 km
41Kharagpur Jn03:2003:30Right Time1051 km
42Panskura04:0804:10Right Time1096 km
43Bagnan04:3804:40Right Time1123 km
44Ulubaria04:5404:56Right Time1136 km
45Santragachi Jn05:3305:35Right Time1161 km
46Howrah Jn06:15Right Time1168 km