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18029 LTT SHALIMAR EX Running status

Departure22:00 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Lokmanyatilak22:00Right TimeYet to start
2Thane22:2222:25Right Time17 km
3Kalyan Jn22:4522:50Right Time37 km
4Kasara23:5323:55Right Time105 km
5Igatpuri00:3000:35Right Time121 km
6Devlali01:1801:20Right Time166 km
7Nasik Road01:3001:35Right Time171 km
8Lasalgaon02:1302:15Right Time220 km
9Manmad Jn02:4002:45Right Time244 km
10Nandgaon03:0303:05Right Time269 km
11Chalisgaon Jn03:3303:35Right Time312 km
12Pachora Jn04:0304:05Right Time357 km
13Jalgaon Jn04:3804:40Right Time404 km
14Bhusaval Jn05:1005:15Right Time428 km
15Varangaon05:3305:35Right Time440 km
16Bodwad05:5305:55Right Time458 km
17Malkapur06:0806:10Right Time478 km
18Nandura06:3306:35Right Time506 km
19Jalamb Jn06:5306:55Right Time518 km
20Shegaon07:0807:10Right Time531 km
21Paras07:2307:25Right Time548 km
22Akola Jn07:5007:55Right Time568 km
23Murtajapur08:2308:25Right Time606 km
24Badnera Jn09:4009:45Right Time647 km
25Chandur10:0510:07Right Time676 km
26Dhamangaon10:2010:22Right Time692 km
27Pulgaon Jn10:3810:40Right Time712 km
28Wardha Jn11:1711:20Right Time742 km
29Sevagram11:2411:26Right Time745 km
30Sindi11:4811:50Right Time775 km
31Ajni12:2612:28Right Time818 km
32Nagpur13:1013:25Right Time821 km
33Itwari13:4213:43Right Time825 km
34Kamptee14:0114:03Right Time836 km
35Bhandara Road14:3214:34Right Time884 km
36Tumsar Road14:4814:50Right Time902 km
37Tirora15:0915:11Right Time922 km
38Gondia Jn15:5016:00Right Time951 km
39Amgaon16:1816:20Right Time974 km
40Salekasa16:3216:34Right Time989 km
41Dongargarh17:1017:12Right Time1024 km
42Raj Nandgaon17:3717:39Right Time1056 km
43Durg18:3518:45Right Time1085 km
44Bhilainagar18:5218:53Right Time1089 km
45Bhilai Power House19:0019:01Right Time1093 km
46Bhilai19:0619:08Right Time1097 km
47Devbaloda Charoda19:1519:16Right Time1101 km
48Raipur Jn19:4019:50Right Time1122 km
49Tilda20:2820:30Right Time1160 km
50Bhatapara20:5320:55Right Time1186 km
51Belha21:2321:25Right Time1216 km
52Bilaspur Jn22:0022:15Right Time1232 km
53Akaltara22:4222:44Right Time1259 km
54Janjgir Naila22:5722:59Right Time1274 km
55Champa23:1123:16Right Time1285 km
56Sakti23:3423:36Right Time1315 km
57Kharsia23:5323:55Right Time1330 km
58Raigarh00:2000:25Right Time1364 km
59Belpahar00:5801:00Right Time1415 km
60Brajarajnagar01:1301:15Right Time1424 km
61Jharsuguda Jn01:5502:00Right Time1437 km
62Bamra02:3102:32Right Time1474 km
63Rajgangpur03:0103:02Right Time1509 km
64Rourkela03:3203:42Right Time1539 km
65Bondamunda Jn03:5303:54Right Time1542 km
66Manoharpur04:1904:20Right Time1577 km
67Goilkera04:4904:50Right Time1604 km
68Sonua05:0405:05Right Time1617 km
69Chakradharpur05:2605:33Right Time1638 km
70Rajkharsawan Jn05:4905:50Right Time1658 km
71Sini Jn06:0606:07Right Time1673 km
72Tatanagar Jn06:4307:03Right Time1700 km
73Rakha Mines07:2607:28Right Time1720 km
74Galudih07:3607:38Right Time1727 km
75Ghatsila07:4907:51Right Time1736 km
76Chakulia08:1408:16Right Time1767 km
77Jhargram08:3708:39Right Time1796 km
78Kharagpur Jn09:2009:30Right Time1835 km
79Panskura10:0710:09Right Time1880 km
80Mecheda10:2510:27Right Time1894 km
81Ulubaria10:5310:55Right Time1920 km
82Santragachi Jn11:3811:40Right Time1945 km
83Shalimar12:20Right Time1950 km