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18030 SHM LTT EXPRESS Running status

Departure15:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Aug 2018 2:15
1Shalimar15:00Right TimeYet to start
2Santragachi Jn15:1115:13Right Time5 km
3Ulubaria15:3815:40Right Time30 km
4Mecheda16:0916:11Right Time56 km
5Panskura16:3916:41Right Time70 km
6Kharagpur Jn17:3517:40Right Time115 km
7Jhargram18:2318:25Right Time154 km
8Chakulia18:4618:48Right Time183 km
9Ghatsila19:0919:11Right Time214 km
10Galudih19:2119:23Right Time224 km
11Rakha Mines19:2819:30Right Time231 km
12Tatanagar Jn20:0020:05Right Time250 km
13Sini Jn20:3420:35Right Time277 km
14Rajkharsawan Jn20:5020:51Right Time292 km
15Chakradharpur21:1021:15Right Time312 km
16Sonua21:3321:34Right Time333 km
17Goilkera21:4721:48Right Time346 km
18Manoharpur22:1822:19Right Time373 km
19Bondamunda Jn22:4622:47Right Time408 km
20Rourkela23:0023:15Right Time412 km
21Rajgangpur23:4723:48Right Time442 km
22Bamra00:1600:17Right Time476 km
23Jharsuguda Jn00:5501:00Right Time513 km
24Brajarajnagar01:0801:10Right Time526 km
25Belpahar01:1901:21Right Time535 km
26Raigarh01:5802:03Right Time586 km
27Kharsia02:2502:27Right Time620 km
28Sakti02:3902:41Right Time635 km
29Champa03:0503:10Right Time666 km
30Janjgir Naila03:1903:21Right Time676 km
31Akaltara03:3303:35Right Time692 km
32Bilaspur Jn04:3004:45Right Time718 km
33Belha05:0505:07Right Time734 km
34Bhatapara05:3005:32Right Time765 km
35Tilda05:4805:50Right Time791 km
36Raipur Jn06:3506:45Right Time829 km
37Devbaloda Charoda07:0307:05Right Time848 km
38Bhilai07:1007:12Right Time852 km
39Bhilai Power House07:1807:20Right Time856 km
40Bhilainagar07:3007:32Right Time862 km
41Durg07:4507:55Right Time865 km
42Raj Nandgaon08:1608:21Right Time895 km
43Dongargarh08:4508:47Right Time926 km
44Salekasa09:2509:27Right Time962 km
45Amgaon09:3909:41Right Time977 km
46Gondia Jn10:0510:15Right Time999 km
47Tirora10:3610:38Right Time1029 km
48Tumsar Road10:5510:57Right Time1049 km
49Bhandara Road11:1311:15Right Time1067 km
50Kamptee11:5211:54Right Time1115 km
51Itwari12:1312:15Right Time1126 km
52Nagpur13:1513:40Right Time1130 km
53Ajni13:4813:49Right Time1133 km
54Sindi14:2114:22Right Time1176 km
55Sevagram14:5314:54Right Time1206 km
56Wardha Jn15:0215:05Right Time1209 km
57Pulgaon Jn15:2615:27Right Time1238 km
58Dhamangaon15:4415:45Right Time1258 km
59Chandur16:0116:02Right Time1275 km
60Badnera Jn16:5517:00Right Time1304 km
61Murtajapur17:2817:30Right Time1345 km
62Akola Jn18:0018:05Right Time1383 km
63Paras18:1918:20Right Time1403 km
64Shegaon18:3318:35Right Time1420 km
65Jalamb Jn18:4418:45Right Time1432 km
66Nandura18:5418:55Right Time1445 km
67Malkapur19:1819:20Right Time1473 km
68Bodwad19:3919:40Right Time1492 km
69Bhusaval Jn20:4020:45Right Time1522 km
70Jalgaon Jn21:0821:10Right Time1547 km
71Pachora Jn21:4421:45Right Time1594 km
72Chalisgaon Jn22:1422:15Right Time1639 km
73Nandgaon22:4422:45Right Time1681 km
74Manmad Jn23:1023:15Right Time1706 km
75Lasalgaon23:3423:35Right Time1731 km
76Nasik Road00:1500:20Right Time1779 km
77Devlali00:2900:30Right Time1785 km
78Igatpuri01:4501:50Right Time1830 km
79Kasara02:3302:35Right Time1846 km
80Kalyan Jn03:4503:50Right Time1913 km
81Thane04:0804:10Right Time1934 km
82Lokmanyatilak04:50Right Time1951 km