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18101 TATA JAT EXP Running status

Departure14:50 Right Time
Departed from Kandra at 15:25, 22 kms. ahead of Tatanagar Jn
Running Right Time
Train is diverted between Jalandhar Cant and Pathankot Jn
Updated16 Aug 2018 15:27
1Tatanagar Jn14:50Right TimeDeparted
2Kandra15:2515:25No StoppageDeparted 15 min ago updated
3Chandil Jn15:4215:44Right Time14 km away
4Muri16:4417:30Right Time82 km away
5Ramgarh Cantt18:5018:55Late 20m135 km away
6Barka Kana19:1119:35Right Time140 km away
7Patratu19:5920:01Right Time158 km away
8Ray20:2320:25Right Time188 km away
9Khalari20:3320:35Right Time194 km away
10Tori20:5921:04Right Time223 km away
11Latehar21:2821:30Late 3m255 km away
12Barwadih Jn21:5822:03Right Time296 km away
13Daltonganj22:2522:30Right Time323 km away
14Garwa Road Jn23:0723:15Right Time357 km away
15Garhwa23:2723:29Late 2m367 km away
16Nagaruntari23:5623:58Late 2m401 km away
17Wyndhamganj00:0800:10Late 2m412 km away
18Dudhinagar00:2801:11Late 38m435 km away
19Renukut01:4401:49Right Time456 km away
20Chopan03:2003:30Right Time498 km away
21Churk04:0004:02Right Time520 km away
22Robertsganj04:1504:17Right Time525 km away
23Chunar Jn05:5606:50Right Time601 km away
24Mirzapur07:1607:25Right Time632 km away
25Vindhyachal07:3607:38Right Time639 km away
26Meja Road08:1008:17Right Time683 km away
27Allahabad Jn09:0509:35Right Time717 km away
28Khaga10:3010:32Right Time799 km away
29Fatehpur11:0011:04Right Time834 km away
30Kanpur Central12:1012:45Right Time911 km away
31Panki13:0213:10Late 3m922 km away
32Rura13:3713:39Right Time955 km away
33Jhinjhak13:5513:57Right Time974 km away
34Phaphund14:1314:15Late 2m994 km away
35Bharthana14:4214:44Right Time1030 km away
36Etawah14:5915:04Right Time1050 km away
37Shikohabad Jn15:4015:42Right Time1106 km away
38Firozabad15:5916:01Right Time1126 km away
39Tundla Jn16:1616:38Right Time1142 km away
40Jalesar Road17:0317:05Right Time1170 km away
41Hathras Jn17:2117:23Right Time1190 km away
42Aligarh Jn17:4617:51Right Time1220 km away
43Khurja Jn18:2118:23Right Time1263 km away
44Chola18:3618:43Late 5m1278 km away
45Ghaziabad20:3020:40Right Time1333 km away
46Delhi21:1821:50Right Time1353 km away
47Subzi Mandi22:0322:05Late 2m1356 km away
48Sonipat22:3422:36Late 2m1396 km away
49Panipat Jn23:1123:17Right Time1441 km away
50Karnal00:1000:15Right Time1476 km away
51Kurukshetra Jn00:4600:51Right Time1509 km away
52Shahabad Markanda01:2601:37Right Time1531 km away
53Ambala Cant Jn02:1002:45Right Time1550 km away
54Ambala City03:0003:02Late 2m1558 km away
55Rajpura Jn03:1803:20Late 2m1578 km away
56Ludhiana Jn04:5105:02Right Time1664 km away
57Phillaur Jn05:1805:20Late 2m1677 km away
58Phagwara Jn05:5405:56Late 1m1699 km away
59Jalandhar Cant06:1606:18Right Time1716 km away
60Jalandhar City06:3006:35Right Time1721 km away
61Beas07:0707:09Right Time1757 km away
62Amritsar Jn07:5008:20Right Time1799 km away
63Batala Jn09:1009:12Right Time1838 km away
64Dhariwal09:3009:32Right Time1857 km away
65Gurdaspur09:4409:46Right Time1871 km away
66Dinanagar09:5609:58Right Time1882 km away
67Pathankot Jn11:0011:20Right Time1906 km away
68Kathua11:5011:52Late 2m1930 km away
69Hira Nagar12:1812:20Late 2m1959 km away
70Samba12:5513:04Right Time1973 km away
71Vijaypur Jammu13:1413:28Right Time1985 km away
72Jammu Tawi13:45Right Time2006 km away