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18101 TATA JAT EXP Running status

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Tatanagar Jn-TATA
EExpected19:20 24 May 2018
PDelayLate 4h 30m
Last Update23 May 2018 23:51
Yet to start
1Tatanagar Jn14:50
Late 4h 30mYet to start
2Chandil Jn19:3819:40Late 3h 56m36 km
3Muri20:2721:07Late 3h 37m104 km
4Ramgarh Cantt21:5822:03Late 3h 28m157 km
5Barka Kana22:4023:00Late 3h 25m161 km
6Patratu23:2423:26Late 3h 25m180 km
7Ray23:4823:50Late 3h 25m209 km
8Khalari23:5900:01Late 3h 25m216 km
9Tori00:2600:31Late 3h 25m244 km
10Latehar00:5801:00Late 3h 25m277 km
11Barwadih Jn01:3001:35Late 3h 25m317 km
12Daltonganj01:5702:02Late 3h 25m345 km
13Garwa Road Jn02:3302:38Late 3h 1m378 km
14Garhwa02:4602:48Late 3h 1m388 km
15Nagaruntari03:1103:13Late 3h 1m422 km
16Wyndhamganj03:2303:25Late 3h 1m434 km
17Dudhinagar03:4703:49Late 3h 1m456 km
18Renukut04:2804:33Late 2h 38m478 km
19Chopan05:2505:35Late 2h 5m519 km
20Churk06:0306:05Late 2h 5m541 km
21Robertsganj06:1806:20Late 2h 5m546 km
22Chunar Jn07:5208:17Late 1h 27m622 km
23Mirzapur08:4208:47Late 1h 22m653 km
24Vindhyachal08:5809:00Late 1h 22m661 km
25Meja Road09:3509:37Late 1h 22m705 km
26Allahabad Jn10:1210:27Late 52m738 km
27Khaga11:2211:24Late 52m821 km
28Fatehpur11:5211:55Late 45m855 km
29Kanpur Central12:5513:05Late 20m933 km
30Panki13:2213:24Late 17m944 km
31Rura13:5413:56Late 17m977 km
32Jhinjhak14:1014:12Late 17m995 km
33Phaphund14:2814:32Late 17m1015 km
34Bharthana14:5714:59Late 17m1052 km
35Etawah15:1615:21Late 17m1072 km
36Shikohabad Jn15:5515:57Late 17m1127 km
37Firozabad16:1416:16Late 17m1147 km
38Tundla Jn16:3316:41Late 3m1164 km
39Jalesar Road17:0417:06Late 3m1191 km
40Hathras Jn17:2217:24Late 3m1211 km
41Aligarh Jn17:4917:54Late 3m1242 km
42Khurja Jn18:2418:26Late 3m1285 km
43Chola18:3718:39Late 3m1300 km
44Ghaziabad20:3520:40Right Time1355 km
45Delhi21:3521:50Right Time1374 km
46Subzi Mandi22:0122:03Right Time1377 km
47Sonipat22:3222:34Right Time1418 km
48Panipat Jn23:4823:50Right Time1463 km
49Karnal00:1300:15Right Time1497 km
50Kurukshetra Jn00:4801:02Right Time1530 km
51Shahabad Markanda01:3801:40Right Time1552 km
52Ambala Cant Jn02:3502:45Right Time1572 km
53Ambala City02:5903:00Right Time1579 km
54Rajpura Jn03:1203:18Right Time1600 km
55Ludhiana Jn05:0505:15Right Time1685 km
56Phillaur Jn05:2905:31Right Time1699 km
57Phagwara Jn05:5005:52Right Time1721 km
58Jalandhar Cant06:1606:18Right Time1737 km
59Jalandhar City06:3006:35Right Time1742 km
60Beas07:0707:09Right Time1778 km
61Amritsar Jn07:5008:20Right Time1821 km
62Batala Jn09:1009:12Right Time1859 km
63Dhariwal09:3009:32Right Time1878 km
64Gurdaspur09:4409:46Right Time1892 km
65Dinanagar09:5609:58Right Time1903 km
66Pathankot Jn11:0011:20Right Time1928 km
67Kathua11:4811:50Right Time1951 km
68Hira Nagar12:1612:18Right Time1980 km
69Samba13:0213:04Right Time1995 km
70Vijaypur Jammu13:2613:28Right Time2006 km
71Jammu Tawi14:10Right Time2027 km