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18102 JAT MURI TATA EXPRESS Running status

Departure14:20 Right Time
Departed from Bari Brahman at 14:32, 8 kms. ahead of Jammu Tawi
Running Right Time
Train is diverted between Pathankot Jn and Jalandhar Cant
Updated19 Aug 2018 14:35
1Jammu Tawi14:20Right TimeDeparted
2Bari Brahman14:3214:32No StoppageDeparted 28 min ago updated
3Vijaypur Jammu14:4014:42Late 2m13 km away
4Samba14:5414:57Right Time24 km away
5Hira Nagar15:1115:13Right Time39 km away
6Kathua15:3815:42Right Time68 km away
7Pathankot Jn16:1816:45Right Time92 km away
8Dinanagar17:1217:14Right Time116 km away
9Gurdaspur17:2617:28Right Time127 km away
10Dhariwal17:5317:55Right Time141 km away
11Batala Jn18:1518:17Right Time160 km away
12Amritsar Jn19:1019:35Right Time198 km away
13Jandiala19:5019:52Right Time217 km away
14Beas20:1020:12Right Time241 km away
15Jalandhar City20:5020:58Right Time277 km away
16Jalandhar Cant21:0621:08Right Time282 km away
17Phagwara Jn21:2321:25Late 2m298 km away
18Phillaur Jn21:4321:45Late 1m321 km away
19Ludhiana Jn22:0722:20Right Time334 km away
20Rajpura Jn23:3723:39Right Time420 km away
21Ambala City23:5700:03Late 1m440 km away
22Ambala Cant Jn00:2400:40Right Time448 km away
23Shahabad Markanda00:5901:01Late 2m467 km away
24Kurukshetra Jn01:2101:23Right Time489 km away
25Karnal02:0602:08Right Time522 km away
26Panipat Jn02:4702:49Right Time556 km away
27Sonipat03:2103:23Late 2m602 km away
28Subzi Mandi03:5204:10Right Time642 km away
29Delhi04:2704:50Right Time645 km away
30Ghaziabad05:2505:32Right Time665 km away
31Chola06:1806:20Right Time720 km away
32Khurja Jn06:3406:36Right Time734 km away
33Aligarh Jn07:0607:11Right Time778 km away
34Hathras Jn07:3307:35Right Time808 km away
35Jalesar Road07:5207:54Right Time828 km away
36Tundla Jn08:2008:38Right Time856 km away
37Firozabad08:5308:55Right Time872 km away
38Shikohabad Jn09:1209:16Late 1m892 km away
39Etawah09:5310:00Right Time948 km away
40Bharthana10:1710:19Right Time967 km away
41Phaphund10:4510:47Right Time1004 km away
42Jhinjhak11:0311:07Right Time1024 km away
43Rura11:2311:27Right Time1043 km away
44Panki11:5111:58Right Time1076 km away
45Kanpur Central12:4012:45Right Time1087 km away
46Fatehpur13:4313:47Right Time1164 km away
47Khaga14:1214:15Right Time1199 km away
48Allahabad Jn15:1715:32Right Time1281 km away
49Meja Road16:0316:06Right Time1315 km away
50Vindhyachal16:3816:46Late 4m1359 km away
51Mirzapur16:5817:05Right Time1366 km away
52Chunar Jn17:3818:15Right Time1397 km away
53Khairahi19:3019:55Right Time1455 km away
54Robertsganj20:2020:22Right Time1473 km away
55Churk20:2520:37Right Time1478 km away
56Chopan21:5022:00Right Time1500 km away
57Renukut22:5823:03Right Time1542 km away
58Dudhinagar23:2423:26Late 2m1563 km away
59Wyndhamganj23:4600:00Late 4m1585 km away
60Nagaruntari00:1700:19Right Time1597 km away
61Garhwa00:4800:50Right Time1631 km away
62Garwa Road Jn01:0201:07Right Time1641 km away
63Daltonganj01:3601:41Right Time1675 km away
64Barwadih Jn02:0102:15Right Time1702 km away
65Latehar02:4503:08Right Time1742 km away
66Tori03:3103:33Right Time1775 km away
67Khalari03:5503:57Right Time1803 km away
68Ray04:0404:06Right Time1810 km away
69Patratu04:3004:49Right Time1839 km away
70Barka Kana05:3306:10Right Time1858 km away
71Ramgarh Cantt06:1706:39Late 14m1862 km away
72Muri07:3108:10Right Time1916 km away
73Chandil Jn09:2109:27Right Time1983 km away
74Tatanagar Jn09:48Right Time2020 km away