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18181 TATA CPR EXP Running status

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Tatanagar Jn-TATA
EExpected21:35 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Tatanagar Jn21:35Right TimeYet to start
2Adityapur21:4721:48Right Time4 km
3Kandra22:1622:17Right Time22 km
4Chandil Jn22:4322:45Right Time36 km
5Barabhum23:0123:03Right Time58 km
6Purulia Jn23:3523:40Right Time90 km
7Anara00:0300:05Right Time115 km
8Joychandi Pahar00:2600:28Right Time129 km
9Burnpur01:0601:08Right Time161 km
10Asansol Jn01:3501:55Right Time166 km
11Chittaranjan02:2502:27Right Time191 km
12Madhupur Jn03:0903:13Right Time247 km
13Jasidih Jn03:3903:44Right Time276 km
14Jhajha05:1005:20Right Time320 km
15Gidhaur05:2805:30Right Time331 km
16Jamui05:4205:44Right Time346 km
17Mananpur05:5605:58Right Time360 km
18Kiul Jn06:1706:22Right Time374 km
19Barhiya06:3806:40Right Time390 km
20Hathidah Jn Upper07:1507:16Right Time401 km
21Barauni Jn08:2509:20Right Time413 km
22Teghra09:3109:33Right Time421 km
23Bachwara Jn10:0210:04Right Time430 km
24Dalsingh Sarai10:1710:19Right Time441 km
25Nazirganj10:4410:46Right Time449 km
26Ujiarpur10:5410:56Right Time455 km
27Samastipur Jn11:1011:17Right Time464 km
28Karpoorigram11:2811:30Right Time470 km
29Khudiram Bose Pusa11:3711:39Right Time478 km
30Dholi12:0612:08Right Time491 km
31Muzaffarpur Jn12:3512:40Right Time516 km
32Goraul13:0913:11Right Time542 km
33Bhagwanpur13:4313:45Right Time550 km
34Hajipur Jn14:2014:25Right Time570 km
35Sonpur Jn14:3814:40Right Time575 km
36Dighwara14:5915:01Right Time599 km
37Chhapra16:25Right Time629 km