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18204 BETWA EXPRESS Running status

Departure18:20 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated20 Oct 2018 2:15
1Kanpur Central18:20Right TimeYet to start
2Ghatampur19:0919:11Right Time46 km
3Bharwa Sumerpur19:4019:42Right Time85 km
4Ragaul19:5820:00Right Time102 km
5Banda Jn20:5221:00Right Time143 km
6Chitrakot22:0522:07Right Time212 km
7Satna00:2500:35Right Time313 km
8Maihar01:0801:10Right Time348 km
9Katni02:3002:50Right Time411 km
10Umaria04:0304:05Right Time471 km
11Birsinghpur04:2904:31Right Time501 km
12Shahdol05:1505:20Right Time538 km
13Anuppur Jn06:0006:05Right Time579 km
14Pendra Road06:5507:00Right Time629 km
15Usalapur10:0010:10Right Time722 km
16Bhatapara10:5610:58Right Time773 km
17Tilda11:1611:18Right Time799 km
18Raipur Jn12:0512:15Right Time837 km
19Durg13:10Right Time874 km