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18233 NARMADA EXPRESS Running status

Departure17:15 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated17 Jul 2018 2:15
1Indore Jn Bg17:15Right TimeYet to start
2Mangliya Gaon17:3817:39Right Time14 km
3Barlai17:4817:49Right Time25 km
4Dewas18:0318:05Right Time42 km
5Naranjipur18:1918:21Right Time51 km
6Undasa Madhawapu18:3318:34Right Time58 km
7Karachha18:4218:43Right Time64 km
8Vikramnagar18:5318:54Right Time77 km
9Ujjain Jn19:1519:40Right Time82 km
10Tarana Road20:0420:05Right Time113 km
11Maksi20:2620:28Right Time122 km
12Berchha20:4220:44Right Time142 km
13Kali Sindh20:5620:57Right Time153 km
14Akodia21:1221:13Right Time172 km
15Shujalpur21:2621:28Right Time185 km
16Kalapipal21:4021:42Right Time197 km
17Sehore22:1422:16Right Time226 km
18S Hirdaramnagar22:5823:00Right Time255 km
19Bhopal Jn23:1523:25Right Time265 km
20Habibganj23:3523:37Right Time271 km
21Mandi Dip23:5023:52Right Time287 km
22Obaidulla Ganj00:0500:07Right Time301 km
23Hoshangabad00:4900:51Right Time339 km
24Itarsi Jn02:1502:25Right Time357 km
25Bagra Tawa02:5302:54Right Time383 km
26Sohagpur03:1203:14Right Time406 km
27Pipariya03:2803:30Right Time424 km
28Salichauka Road03:5603:58Right Time460 km
29Gadarwara04:0804:10Right Time474 km
30Kareli04:3004:32Right Time502 km
31Narsinghpur04:4604:48Right Time518 km
32Shridham05:1205:14Right Time549 km
33Bhitoni05:3305:35Right Time572 km
34Madan Mahal06:0206:04Right Time598 km
35Jabalpur06:2506:35Right Time602 km
36Adhartal06:4806:50Right Time610 km
37Deori06:5807:00Right Time619 km
38Gosalpur07:0807:10Right Time629 km
39Sihora Road07:2507:27Right Time640 km
40Dundi07:3807:40Right Time655 km
41Sleemanabad Rd07:4807:50Right Time665 km
42Sansarpur07:5808:00Right Time672 km
43Niwar08:0808:10Right Time679 km
44Katni South08:5008:55Right Time691 km
45Jhalwara09:3409:36Right Time705 km
46Rupaund09:4709:49Right Time717 km
47Chandia Road10:0410:06Right Time734 km
48Umaria10:3010:32Right Time753 km
49Karkeli10:4110:43Right Time765 km
50Nowrozabad10:5410:56Right Time775 km
51Birsinghpur11:0411:06Right Time782 km
52Shahdol11:5512:05Right Time820 km
53Burhar12:2212:24Right Time839 km
54Amlai12:3312:35Right Time848 km
55Anuppur Jn12:5513:00Right Time861 km
56Chhulha13:0513:07Right Time866 km
57Jaithari13:1513:17Right Time874 km
58Nigaura13:2613:28Right Time884 km
59Venkatnagar13:3613:38Right Time892 km
60Harri13:4713:49Right Time903 km
61Pendra Road14:0514:10Right Time911 km
62Khodri14:2114:23Right Time922 km
63Bhanwar Tonk14:4014:42Right Time933 km
64Khongsara15:0015:02Right Time946 km
65Tenganmada15:1115:13Right Time954 km
66Belgahna15:2315:25Right Time964 km
67Salka Road15:3315:35Right Time972 km
68Kargi Road15:4315:45Right Time980 km
69Kalmitar15:5215:54Right Time988 km
70Ghutku16:1616:18Right Time996 km
71Usalapur16:4416:46Right Time1003 km
72Bilaspur Jn17:15Right Time1011 km