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18234 NARMADA EXP PSG Running status

Departure10:40 Right Time
Platform 8
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Bilaspur Jn10:40Right TimeYet to start
2Usalapur10:5610:58Right Time8 km
3Ghutku11:0311:05Right Time16 km
4Kalmitar11:1311:15Right Time24 km
5Kargi Road11:2411:26Right Time32 km
6Salka Road11:3511:37Right Time40 km
7Belgahna11:4711:49Right Time47 km
8Tenganmada11:5812:00Right Time57 km
9Khongsara12:0912:11Right Time66 km
10Bhanwar Tonk12:2712:29Right Time78 km
11Khodri12:4512:47Right Time89 km
12Pendra Road13:1013:15Right Time101 km
13Harri13:2113:23Right Time109 km
14Venkatnagar13:3413:36Right Time120 km
15Nigaura13:4413:46Right Time127 km
16Jaithari13:5513:57Right Time137 km
17Chhulha14:0514:07Right Time146 km
18Anuppur Jn14:2014:25Right Time151 km
19Amlai14:3814:40Right Time164 km
20Burhar14:4914:51Right Time172 km
21Singhpur15:0315:05Right Time186 km
22Shahdol15:2015:30Right Time192 km
23Birsinghpur16:0716:09Right Time229 km
24Nowrozabad16:1716:19Right Time236 km
25Karkeli16:2916:31Right Time246 km
26Umaria16:4916:51Right Time259 km
27Chandia Road17:0717:09Right Time278 km
28Rupaund17:3017:32Right Time295 km
29Jhalwara17:5818:00Right Time307 km
30Katni South18:5018:55Right Time320 km
31Niwar19:0819:10Right Time332 km
32Sansarpur19:1619:18Right Time340 km
33Sleemanabad Rd19:2819:30Right Time347 km
34Dundi19:3819:40Right Time356 km
35Sihora Road19:5219:54Right Time371 km
36Gosalpur20:0420:06Right Time382 km
37Deori20:1620:18Right Time393 km
38Adhartal20:2620:28Right Time402 km
39Jabalpur20:5521:05Right Time410 km
40Madan Mahal21:1621:18Right Time413 km
41Bhitoni21:3921:40Right Time439 km
42Shridham21:5421:56Right Time463 km
43Narsinghpur22:2622:28Right Time494 km
44Kareli22:4022:42Right Time509 km
45Gadarwara23:0223:04Right Time538 km
46Salichauka Road23:1823:20Right Time552 km
47Pipariya23:4823:50Right Time587 km
48Sohagpur00:0800:10Right Time605 km
49Bagra Tawa00:4800:50Right Time628 km
50Itarsi Jn01:5002:05Right Time655 km
51Hoshangabad02:2302:25Right Time672 km
52Obaidulla Ganj03:0903:10Right Time711 km
53Mandi Dip03:2303:25Right Time724 km
54Habibganj03:4203:44Right Time740 km
55Bhopal Jn04:1504:25Right Time746 km
56S Hirdaramnagar04:5104:53Right Time757 km
57Sehore05:1205:14Right Time785 km
58Kalapipal05:4005:42Right Time814 km
59Shujalpur05:5505:57Right Time827 km
60Akodia06:0906:11Right Time840 km
61Kali Sindh06:2906:31Right Time858 km
62Berchha06:4306:45Right Time870 km
63Maksi07:0207:04Right Time889 km
64Tarana Road07:1107:13Right Time898 km
65Ujjain Jn08:1008:30Right Time930 km
66Vikramnagar08:4308:45Right Time935 km
67Karachha09:1409:16Right Time948 km
68Undasa Madhawapu09:2909:30Right Time954 km
69Naranjipur09:3509:36Right Time961 km
70Dewas09:4809:50Right Time970 km
71Barlai10:0210:03Right Time987 km
72Mangliya Gaon10:1310:14Right Time997 km
73Lakshmibai Nagar10:2910:30Right Time1009 km
74Indore Jn Bg10:50Right Time1012 km