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18235 BILASPUR EX PAS Running status

Departure08:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Sep 2018 2:15
1Bhopal Jn08:00Right TimeYet to start
2Dewanganj08:2308:24Right Time27 km
3Salamatpur08:3408:35Right Time37 km
4Sanchi08:4208:44Right Time44 km
5Vidisha08:5208:54Right Time53 km
6Gulabganj09:1509:17Right Time75 km
7Ganj Basoda09:3809:40Right Time93 km
8Kalhar10:0510:06Right Time112 km
9Mandi Bamora10:1410:16Right Time121 km
10Bina Jn10:5511:05Right Time138 km
11Baghora11:3011:32Right Time148 km
12Khurai11:4411:46Right Time160 km
13Sumreri11:5611:58Right Time169 km
14Jeruwa Khera12:1012:12Right Time178 km
15Isarwara12:2212:24Right Time187 km
16Nariaoli12:3812:40Right Time194 km
17Saugor13:0013:10Right Time213 km
18Makronia13:2313:25Right Time220 km
19Lidora Khurd13:3413:36Right Time227 km
20Girwar13:4613:48Right Time237 km
21Ganeshganj14:1014:12Right Time251 km
22Patharia14:1814:20Right Time264 km
23Aslana14:5114:52Right Time278 km
24Damoh15:3015:35Right Time290 km
25Karhiya Bhiadeli15:4315:45Right Time298 km
26Bandakpur15:5816:00Right Time306 km
27Ghatera16:1016:12Right Time316 km
28Sagaoni16:2816:30Right Time333 km
29Salaia16:5817:00Right Time351 km
30Bakhleta17:1417:16Right Time363 km
31Rithi17:2817:30Right Time369 km
32Hardua17:5617:58Right Time385 km
33Katni Murwara18:2018:40Right Time400 km
34Jhalwara19:0919:11Right Time410 km
35Rupaund19:2119:23Right Time422 km
36Vilayat Kalan Road19:3119:33Right Time430 km
37Chandia Road19:4319:45Right Time439 km
38Lorha19:5219:54Right Time448 km
39Umaria20:1020:15Right Time458 km
40Karkeli20:2320:25Right Time471 km
41Nowrozabad20:3520:37Right Time481 km
42Birsinghpur20:4420:46Right Time488 km
43Ghunghuti21:0021:02Right Time504 km
44Bhadwabara21:1321:15Right Time517 km
45Shahdol21:3521:45Right Time525 km
46Singhpur21:5121:53Right Time531 km
47Burhar22:0422:06Right Time545 km
48Amlai22:1422:16Right Time553 km
49Anuppur Jn22:4023:05Right Time566 km
50Chhulha23:1123:13Right Time571 km
51Jaithari23:2023:22Right Time580 km
52Nigaura23:3023:32Right Time590 km
53Venkatnagar23:3723:39Right Time597 km
54Harri23:4923:51Right Time608 km
55Pendra Road00:1000:20Right Time616 km
56Sarbahara00:2900:31Right Time622 km
57Khodri00:3900:41Right Time628 km
58Bhanwar Tonk00:5801:00Right Time639 km
59Khongsara01:1601:18Right Time651 km
60Tenganmada01:2701:29Right Time660 km
61Belgahna01:4701:49Right Time670 km
62Salka Road01:5601:58Right Time677 km
63Kargi Road02:1502:17Right Time685 km
64Kalmitar02:2802:30Right Time693 km
65Ghutku02:5002:52Right Time701 km
66Usalapur03:1503:17Right Time709 km
67Bilaspur Jn04:05Right Time717 km