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18236 BSP BPL PAS EXP Running status

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Bilaspur Jn-BSP
EExpected20:35 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bilaspur Jn20:35Right TimeYet to start
2Usalapur20:4720:49Right Time8 km
3Ghutku20:5320:55Right Time15 km
4Kalmitar21:0221:04Right Time23 km
5Kargi Road21:1021:12Right Time31 km
6Salka Road21:2021:22Right Time39 km
7Belgahna21:2921:31Right Time47 km
8Tenganmada21:3921:41Right Time57 km
9Khongsara21:5121:53Right Time65 km
10Bhanwar Tonk22:0822:10Right Time78 km
11Khodri22:2522:27Right Time89 km
12Sarbahara22:3522:37Right Time95 km
13Pendra Road22:5523:00Right Time100 km
14Harri23:0523:07Right Time108 km
15Venkatnagar23:1523:17Right Time119 km
16Nigaura23:2423:26Right Time127 km
17Jaithari23:3923:41Right Time137 km
18Chhulha23:4823:50Right Time145 km
19Anuppur Jn00:1500:45Right Time150 km
20Amlai00:5300:57Right Time163 km
21Burhar01:0401:09Right Time172 km
22Singhpur01:2701:29Right Time185 km
23Shahdol02:2002:30Right Time191 km
24Bhadwabara02:4102:43Right Time200 km
25Ghunghuti02:5502:57Right Time212 km
26Birsinghpur03:1103:13Right Time229 km
27Nowrozabad03:2003:22Right Time236 km
28Karkeli03:3103:33Right Time246 km
29Umaria03:5504:00Right Time258 km
30Lorha04:0704:09Right Time268 km
31Chandia Road04:1804:20Right Time277 km
32Vilayat Kalan Road04:2804:30Right Time287 km
33Rupaund04:4304:45Right Time294 km
34Jhalwara05:1005:12Right Time306 km
35Katni Murwara06:3506:55Right Time317 km
36Hardua07:0307:05Right Time332 km
37Rithi07:1807:20Right Time347 km
38Bakhleta07:3307:35Right Time354 km
39Salaia07:4307:45Right Time366 km
40Sagaoni08:1308:15Right Time384 km
41Ghatera08:2808:30Right Time400 km
42Bandakpur08:4308:45Right Time411 km
43Karhiya Bhiadeli09:0309:05Right Time418 km
44Damoh09:2009:25Right Time426 km
45Aslana09:3609:38Right Time439 km
46Patharia10:0810:10Right Time453 km
47Ganeshganj10:3310:35Right Time466 km
48Girwar10:4810:50Right Time479 km
49Lidora Khurd10:5811:00Right Time489 km
50Makronia11:0811:10Right Time497 km
51Saugor11:3011:40Right Time504 km
52Nariaoli11:5812:00Right Time522 km
53Isarwara12:0812:10Right Time530 km
54Jeruwa Khera12:1812:20Right Time538 km
55Sumreri12:2812:30Right Time548 km
56Khurai12:4312:45Right Time556 km
57Baghora13:0813:10Right Time568 km
58Bina Jn14:2514:35Right Time578 km
59Mandi Bamora14:5414:56Right Time595 km
60Kalhar15:0415:06Right Time604 km
61Ganj Basoda15:3115:33Right Time624 km
62Gulabganj15:4815:50Right Time642 km
63Vidisha16:0616:08Right Time663 km
64Sanchi16:1716:19Right Time672 km
65Salamatpur16:2716:28Right Time680 km
66Dewanganj16:5917:00Right Time689 km
67Bhopal Jn18:15Right Time716 km