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18238 CHHATISGARH EXP Running status

Departure16:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Jul 2018 2:15
1Amritsar Jn16:10Right TimeYet to start
2Jandiala16:2516:27Right Time19 km
3Beas16:4516:47Right Time42 km
4Kartarpur17:0817:10Right Time64 km
5Jalandhar City17:3017:35Right Time79 km
6Jalandhar Cant17:4417:46Right Time83 km
7Phagwara Jn17:5918:01Right Time100 km
8Goraya18:1618:18Right Time110 km
9Phillaur Jn18:4618:48Right Time122 km
10Ludhiana Jn19:1519:25Right Time135 km
11Sanahwal19:5619:58Right Time151 km
12Doraha20:0720:08Right Time158 km
13Chawapail20:1820:20Right Time167 km
14Khanna20:3020:32Right Time178 km
15Mandi Gobind Garh20:4120:43Right Time186 km
16Sirhind Jn20:5520:57Right Time196 km
17Rajpura Jn21:2021:22Right Time221 km
18Ambala City21:4521:46Right Time242 km
19Ambala Cant Jn22:0822:20Right Time249 km
20Barara22:4222:44Right Time274 km
21Jagadhri Workshop23:0223:04Right Time295 km
22Yamunanagar Jagadhri23:1123:13Right Time300 km
23Saharanpur00:0500:15Right Time330 km
24Deoband00:4300:45Right Time365 km
25Muzaffarnagar01:0301:05Right Time388 km
26Khatauli01:2101:23Right Time411 km
27Daurala01:3501:37Right Time427 km
28Meerut Cant02:0002:02Right Time440 km
29Meerut City Jn02:1002:15Right Time444 km
30Modinagar02:3002:32Right Time464 km
31Guldhar02:4602:48Right Time481 km
32Ghaziabad03:2003:22Right Time491 km
33Sahibabad03:3103:33Right Time498 km
34Hazrat Nizamuddin04:1504:30Right Time519 km
35Ballabgarh04:5404:56Right Time548 km
36Palwal05:4105:43Right Time569 km
37Kosi Kalan06:1306:15Right Time611 km
38Chata06:2606:28Right Time621 km
39Mathura Jn06:5507:00Right Time652 km
40Raja Ki Mandi07:4607:48Right Time702 km
41Agra Cantt08:1308:18Right Time706 km
42Dhaulpur09:1009:15Right Time758 km
43Morena09:4809:50Right Time786 km
44Banmore10:0810:10Right Time805 km
45Gwalior Jn10:4510:50Right Time824 km
46Dabra11:3011:32Right Time866 km
47Sonagir11:5011:52Right Time886 km
48Datia12:1512:17Right Time897 km
49Jhansi Jn13:1013:20Right Time921 km
50Babina13:4513:47Right Time946 km
51Basai14:0314:05Right Time958 km
52Talbahat14:1814:20Right Time970 km
53Lalitpur14:4014:42Right Time1010 km
54Jakhlaun14:5314:55Right Time1027 km
55Dhaura15:1015:12Right Time1038 km
56Bina Jn16:3516:40Right Time1073 km
57Mandi Bamora16:5917:00Right Time1090 km
58Ganj Basoda17:2117:23Right Time1118 km
59Vidisha17:5017:52Right Time1158 km
60Bhopal Jn18:4018:45Right Time1211 km
61Habibganj18:5718:59Right Time1217 km
62Obaidulla Ganj19:2219:24Right Time1247 km
63Hoshangabad20:3020:32Right Time1285 km
64Itarsi Jn21:0521:15Right Time1303 km
65Ghoradongri22:1722:19Right Time1373 km
66Betul23:0223:05Right Time1410 km
67Amla Jn23:3500:10Right Time1432 km
68Multai00:2400:26Right Time1455 km
69Pandhurna01:0801:10Right Time1496 km
70Narkher01:2301:25Right Time1514 km
71Katol01:4801:50Right Time1539 km
72Nagpur03:3003:55Right Time1600 km
73Kamptee04:1404:16Right Time1614 km
74Bhandara Road04:4504:47Right Time1662 km
75Tumsar Road05:0105:03Right Time1680 km
76Tirora05:1805:20Right Time1700 km
77Gondia Jn05:5105:56Right Time1730 km
78Amgaon06:1006:12Right Time1752 km
79Salekasa06:2306:25Right Time1767 km
80Dongargarh07:0307:05Right Time1803 km
81Raj Nandgaon07:3507:40Right Time1834 km
82Durg08:4008:55Right Time1864 km
83Bhilai Power House09:0509:06Right Time1873 km
84Raipur Jn09:4509:55Right Time1900 km
85Tilda10:2810:30Right Time1938 km
86Hathbandh10:4310:45Right Time1949 km
87Bhatapara10:5811:00Right Time1964 km
88Belha11:3011:32Right Time1995 km
89Bilaspur Jn12:15Right Time2011 km