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18239 GAD NGP EXP Running status

Departure17:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Gevra Road17:55Right TimeYet to start
2Korba18:1018:15Right Time7 km
3Urga18:2218:23Right Time15 km
4Saragbundia18:2918:30Right Time21 km
5Madwarani18:3718:38Right Time27 km
6Kothari Road18:4318:44Right Time32 km
7Balpur18:4918:50Right Time36 km
8Champa19:0419:06Right Time43 km
9Janjgir Naila19:1519:17Right Time54 km
10Kapan H19:2419:25Right Time60 km
11Akaltara19:3119:33Right Time69 km
12Kotmi Sonar H19:3919:40Right Time75 km
13Jairamnagar19:4919:51Right Time82 km
14Bilaspur Jn20:1520:30Right Time96 km
15Belha20:5020:52Right Time112 km
16Bhatapara21:1521:17Right Time142 km
17Tilda21:3521:37Right Time168 km
18Raipur Jn22:2022:30Right Time206 km
19Bhilai22:5122:53Right Time229 km
20Bhilai Power House23:0023:01Right Time233 km
21Durg23:3523:40Right Time243 km
22Raj Nandgaon00:0200:04Right Time274 km
23Dongargarh00:2800:30Right Time305 km
24Amgaon01:1601:18Right Time355 km
25Gondia Jn01:4501:50Right Time378 km
26Tirora02:0902:11Right Time408 km
27Tumsar Road02:2902:31Right Time428 km
28Bhandara Road02:5102:53Right Time446 km
29Kamptee03:3003:35Right Time494 km
30Itwari05:10Right Time504 km