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18243 BSP BGKT EXPRESS Running status

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Bilaspur Jn-BSP
EExpected18:20 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bilaspur Jn18:20Right TimeYet to start
2Bhatapara18:5718:58Right Time46 km
3Raipur Jn20:0520:15Right Time110 km
4Bhilai Power House20:4020:41Right Time137 km
5Durg21:1021:15Right Time147 km
6Raj Nandgaon21:3621:38Right Time176 km
7Gondia Jn23:0223:04Right Time281 km
8Nagpur01:2001:40Right Time410 km
9Pandhurna02:5302:55Right Time514 km
10Itarsi Jn06:4006:45Right Time708 km
11Habibganj08:3608:38Right Time793 km
12Bhopal Jn09:0009:10Right Time799 km
13Sehore10:0110:03Right Time838 km
14Shujalpur10:4610:48Right Time879 km
15Berchha11:2611:28Right Time923 km
16Ujjain Jn12:1512:20Right Time983 km
17Nagda Jn13:2513:50Right Time1038 km
18Vikramgarh Alot14:1914:20Right Time1077 km
19Shamgarh14:5014:52Right Time1129 km
20Ramganj Mandi15:4615:48Right Time1190 km
21Kota Jn17:2517:35Right Time1263 km
22Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi18:3218:34Right Time1334 km
23Sawai Madhopur19:4020:00Right Time1370 km
24Bansthali Niwai21:0521:07Right Time1436 km
25Durgapura22:0622:08Right Time1494 km
26Jaipur22:3022:40Right Time1502 km
27Phulera Jn00:0800:10Right Time1556 km
28Kuchaman City00:4700:49Right Time1607 km
29Makrana Jn01:0201:05Right Time1621 km
30Degana Jn01:4001:43Right Time1665 km
31Merta Road Jn02:2702:32Right Time1710 km
32Gotan02:4802:50Right Time1730 km
33Jodhpur Jn04:3004:40Right Time1814 km
34Bhagat Ki Kothi05:00Right Time1817 km