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18247 BSP REWA EXP Running status

Departure18:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Aug 2018 2:15
Arrival00:00 Right Time
00:00, Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Aug 2018 2:15
1Bilaspur Jn18:40Right TimeYet to start
2Bilaspur Jn00:0018:40
Right Time0 km
3Usalapur18:5318:55Right Time8 km
4Usalapur00:0000:00Right Time8 km
5Ghutku19:0119:03Right Time16 km
6Ghutku00:0000:00Right Time16 km
7Kalmitar19:1119:12Right Time24 km
8Kalmitar00:0000:00Right Time24 km
9Kargi Road19:1919:21Right Time32 km
10Kargi Road00:0000:00Right Time32 km
11Salka Road19:3119:32Right Time40 km
12Salka Road00:0000:00Right Time40 km
13Belgahna19:4119:43Right Time47 km
14Belgahna00:0000:00Right Time47 km
15Tenganmada19:4919:51Right Time57 km
16Tenganmada00:0000:00Right Time57 km
17Khongsara19:5920:01Right Time66 km
18Khongsara00:0000:00Right Time66 km
19Bhanwar Tonk20:1620:18Right Time78 km
20Bhanwar Tonk00:0000:00Right Time78 km
21Khodri20:3320:35Right Time89 km
22Khodri00:0000:00Right Time89 km
23Sarbahara20:4320:45Right Time95 km
24Sarbahara00:0000:00Right Time95 km
25Pendra Road21:0021:05Right Time101 km
26Pendra Road00:0000:00Right Time101 km
27Harri21:1221:14Right Time109 km
28Harri00:0000:00Right Time109 km
29Venkatnagar21:2221:24Right Time120 km
30Venkatnagar00:0000:00Right Time120 km
31Nigaura21:3121:33Right Time127 km
32Nigaura00:0000:00Right Time127 km
33Jaithari21:4121:43Right Time137 km
34Jaithari00:0000:00Right Time137 km
35Chhulha21:5021:52Right Time146 km
36Chhulha00:0000:00Right Time146 km
37Anuppur Jn22:0522:10Right Time151 km
38Anuppur Jn00:0000:00Right Time151 km
39Amlai22:2222:24Right Time164 km
40Amlai00:0000:00Right Time164 km
41Burhar22:3222:34Right Time172 km
42Burhar00:0000:00Right Time172 km
43Chhada22:4022:42Right Time178 km
44Chhada00:0000:00Right Time178 km
45Singhpur22:4922:51Right Time186 km
46Singhpur00:0000:00Right Time186 km
47Shahdol23:3023:40Right Time192 km
48Shahdol00:0000:00Right Time192 km
49Birsinghpur00:1600:18Right Time229 km
50Birsinghpur00:0000:00Right Time229 km
51Nowrozabad00:2600:28Right Time236 km
52Nowrozabad00:0000:00Right Time236 km
53Karkeli00:3800:40Right Time246 km
54Karkeli00:0000:00Right Time246 km
55Umaria00:5601:01Right Time259 km
56Umaria00:0000:00Right Time259 km
57Chandia Road01:1601:18Right Time278 km
58Chandia Road00:0000:00Right Time278 km
59Rupaund01:3901:41Right Time295 km
60Rupaund00:0000:00Right Time295 km
61Katni02:3502:55Right Time319 km
62Katni00:0000:00Right Time319 km
63Jukehi03:1303:15Right Time336 km
64Jukehi00:0000:00Right Time336 km
65Amdara03:3003:32Right Time356 km
66Amdara00:0000:00Right Time356 km
67Maihar03:5003:52Right Time382 km
68Maihar00:0000:00Right Time382 km
69Unchhera04:0604:08Right Time396 km
70Unchhera00:0000:00Right Time396 km
71Satna04:3004:40Right Time417 km
72Satna00:0000:00Right Time417 km
73Baghai Road05:1805:20Right Time446 km
74Baghai Road00:0000:00Right Time446 km
75Turki Road05:2805:30Right Time454 km
76Turki Road00:0000:00Right Time454 km
77Rewa05:5500:00Right Time466 km
78Rewa00:00Right Time466 km