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18247 BSP REWA EXP Running status

Right Time
Platform 6
Departed from Bhanwar Tonk at 20:36, 78 kms. ahead of Bilaspur Jn
Running Late 15 mins
Updated22 Jun 2018 20:37
Right Time
00:00, Right Time
Departed from Bhanwar Tonk at 20:36, 78 kms. ahead of Bilaspur Jn
Running Late 15 mins
Updated22 Jun 2018 20:37
1Bilaspur Jn18:40Right TimeDeparted
2Bilaspur Jn00:0018:40
Right Time
3Usalapur18:5618:58Late 4mDeparted
4Usalapur00:0000:00Right Time
5Ghutku19:0219:03Late 4m
6Ghutku00:0000:00Right Time
7Kalmitar19:1919:20Late 11mDeparted
8Kalmitar00:0000:00Right Time
9Kargi Road19:3019:32Late 16mDeparted
10Kargi Road00:0000:00Right Time
11Salka Road19:4019:42Late 16mDeparted
12Salka Road00:0000:00Right Time
13Belgahna19:5219:54Late 20mDeparted
14Belgahna00:0000:00Right Time
15Tenganmada20:0420:06Late 14mDeparted
16Tenganmada00:0000:00Right Time
17Khongsara20:1620:17Late 13mDeparted
18Khongsara00:0000:00Right Time
19Bhanwar Tonk20:3520:36Late 15mDeparted 13 min ago updated
20Bhanwar Tonk00:0000:00Right Time0 km away13 min ago updated
21Khodri20:5120:52Late 15m11 km away
22Khodri00:0000:00Right Time11 km away
23Sarbahara21:0021:02Late 14m17 km away
24Sarbahara00:0000:00Right Time17 km away
25Pendra Road21:1521:20Late 14m23 km away
26Pendra Road00:0000:00Right Time23 km away
27Harri21:2521:27Late 14m31 km away
28Harri00:0000:00Right Time31 km away
29Venkatnagar21:3521:37Late 14m42 km away
30Venkatnagar00:0000:00Right Time42 km away
31Nigaura21:4421:46Late 14m49 km away
32Nigaura00:0000:00Right Time49 km away
33Jaithari21:5421:56Late 14m59 km away
34Jaithari00:0000:00Right Time59 km away
35Chhulha22:0322:05Late 14m68 km away
36Chhulha00:0000:00Right Time68 km away
37Anuppur Jn22:1022:15Right Time73 km away
38Anuppur Jn00:0000:00Right Time73 km away
39Amlai22:2522:27Right Time86 km away
40Amlai00:0000:00Right Time86 km away
41Burhar22:3522:37Right Time94 km away
42Burhar00:0000:00Right Time94 km away
43Chhada22:4322:45Right Time100 km away
44Chhada00:0000:00Right Time100 km away
45Singhpur22:5222:54Right Time108 km away
46Singhpur00:0000:00Right Time108 km away
47Shahdol23:3023:40Right Time114 km away
48Shahdol00:0000:00Right Time114 km away
49Birsinghpur00:1400:16Right Time151 km away
50Birsinghpur00:0000:00Right Time151 km away
51Nowrozabad00:2400:26Right Time158 km away
52Nowrozabad00:0000:00Right Time158 km away
53Karkeli00:3600:38Right Time168 km away
54Karkeli00:0000:00Right Time168 km away
55Umaria00:5200:57Right Time181 km away
56Umaria00:0000:00Right Time181 km away
57Chandia Road01:1201:14Right Time200 km away
58Chandia Road00:0000:00Right Time200 km away
59Rupaund01:3901:41Right Time217 km away
60Rupaund00:0000:00Right Time217 km away
61Katni02:4003:00Right Time241 km away
62Katni00:0000:00Right Time241 km away
63Jukehi03:1303:15Right Time258 km away
64Jukehi00:0000:00Right Time258 km away
65Amdara03:3003:32Right Time278 km away
66Amdara00:0000:00Right Time278 km away
67Maihar03:5103:53Right Time304 km away
68Maihar00:0000:00Right Time304 km away
69Unchhera04:0604:08Right Time318 km away
70Unchhera00:0000:00Right Time318 km away
71Satna04:3004:40Right Time339 km away
72Satna00:0000:00Right Time339 km away
73Baghai Road05:1805:20Right Time368 km away
74Baghai Road00:0000:00Right Time368 km away
75Turki Road05:2805:30Right Time376 km away
76Turki Road00:0000:00Right Time376 km away
77Rewa05:5500:00Right Time388 km away
78Rewa00:00Right Time388 km away