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18301 SBP RGDA EXPRESS Running status

Arrival11:35 Right Time
Departure11:37 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated15 Oct 2018 2:15
1Sambalpur06:05Right TimeYet to start
2Hirakud06:1806:20Right Time7 km
3Attabira06:3506:37Right Time24 km
4Bargarh Road06:5006:55Right Time42 km
5Barpali07:1007:12Right Time61 km
6Loisingha07:4307:45Right Time100 km
7Balangir08:0008:05Right Time118 km
8Saintala08:3008:32Right Time153 km
9Badmal08:4008:42Right Time162 km
10Titlagarh09:3009:40Right Time182 km
11Kesinga09:5309:55Right Time194 km
12Rupra Road10:1010:12Right Time211 km
13Norla Road10:2010:22Right Time217 km
14Lanjigarh Road10:3510:37Right Time229 km
15Ambodala10:5310:55Right Time242 km
16Muniguda11:1511:17Right Time267 km
17Bissamcuttack11:3511:37Right Time284 km
18Therubali11:5812:00Right Time303 km
19Singapuram Road12:2012:22Right Time312 km
20Rayagada12:40Right Time321 km