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18448 HIRAKHAND EXP Running status

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EExpected14:30 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jagdalpur14:30Right TimeYet to start
2Kotapar Road15:0315:05Right Time31 km
3Charamula Kusumi15:1815:20Right Time43 km
4Jeypore15:4415:46Right Time64 km
5Koraput Jn16:5517:20Right Time105 km
6Dumuriput17:3317:35Right Time116 km
7Damanjodi17:4817:50Right Time124 km
8Baiguda18:0818:10Right Time139 km
9Kakiriguma18:2418:26Right Time151 km
10Lakshmipur Road18:4518:47Right Time167 km
11Singaram19:0319:05Right Time179 km
12Tikiri19:2019:22Right Time188 km
13Rauli19:3919:41Right Time201 km
14Lelligumma20:0220:04Right Time217 km
15Bhalumaska20:2320:25Right Time234 km
16Sikarpai20:3820:40Right Time245 km
17Keutguda20:5821:00Right Time259 km
18Singapuram Road21:1121:13Right Time269 km
19Rayagada21:3022:15Right Time278 km
20Parvatipuram Town22:5322:55Right Time323 km
21Parvatipuram23:0023:02Right Time325 km
22Bobbili Jn23:2523:27Right Time349 km
23Vizianagram Jn00:3001:00Right Time402 km
24Chipurupalli01:2501:27Right Time433 km
25Srikakulam Road01:5802:00Right Time472 km
26Naupada Jn02:5803:00Right Time519 km
27Palasa03:5003:52Right Time545 km
28Sompeta04:1504:17Right Time576 km
29Ichchapuram04:3104:33Right Time594 km
30Brahmapur04:5505:00Right Time619 km
31Chatrapur05:1505:17Right Time640 km
32Ganjam05:2605:28Right Time649 km
33Khallikot05:4105:43Right Time677 km
34Chilka05:5205:54Right Time687 km
35Balugaon06:0206:04Right Time694 km
36Kuhuri06:2206:24Right Time715 km
37Kalupara Ghat06:3206:34Right Time722 km
38Bhusandpur06:4206:44Right Time732 km
39Nirakarpur06:5206:54Right Time740 km
40Khurda Road Jn07:5007:55Right Time765 km
41Bhubaneswar08:30Right Time784 km