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18477 UTKAL EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected20:55 28 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update26 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1Puri20:55Right TimeYet to start
2Sakhi Gopal21:1321:15Right Time16 km
3Khurda Road Jn21:4021:45Right Time43 km
4Bhubaneswar22:1022:15Right Time62 km
5Cuttack22:4522:50Right Time88 km
6Jajpur Keonjhar Road23:4323:45Right Time157 km
7Bhadrakh00:4800:50Right Time199 km
8Soro01:1201:14Right Time228 km
9Balasore01:4001:45Right Time261 km
10Basta02:0502:07Right Time289 km
11Jaleswar02:2302:25Right Time309 km
12Hijli03:1803:20Right Time373 km
13Chakulia04:3204:33Right Time441 km
14Ghatsila04:5704:58Right Time471 km
15Tatanagar Jn05:5006:00Right Time508 km
16Sini Jn06:2906:30Right Time535 km
17Rajkharsawan Jn06:4906:50Right Time550 km
18Chakradharpur07:1707:27Right Time570 km
19Goilkera07:5107:52Right Time604 km
20Manoharpur08:2208:23Right Time631 km
21Bisra08:4508:46Right Time657 km
22Bondamunda Jn08:5608:57Right Time666 km
23Rourkela09:1509:30Right Time669 km
24Rajgangpur09:5709:58Right Time699 km
25Bamra10:2610:27Right Time734 km
26Jharsuguda Jn11:3011:40Right Time771 km
27Brajarajnagar11:4811:50Right Time784 km
28Belpahar11:5812:00Right Time793 km
29Raigarh12:3712:42Right Time844 km
30Kharsia13:0813:10Right Time878 km
31Sakti13:2313:25Right Time893 km
32Baradwar13:3613:38Right Time908 km
33Champa13:5514:00Right Time924 km
34Janjgir Naila14:1114:13Right Time934 km
35Akaltara14:2514:27Right Time949 km
36Bilaspur Jn15:2015:35Right Time976 km
37Kargi Road16:0416:06Right Time1008 km
38Belgahna16:2516:27Right Time1024 km
39Pendra Road17:3517:40Right Time1077 km
40Anuppur Jn18:3018:35Right Time1127 km
41Amlai18:4618:48Right Time1140 km
42Burhar18:5718:59Right Time1148 km
43Shahdol19:3519:40Right Time1168 km
44Birsinghpur20:1420:16Right Time1205 km
45Nowrozabad20:2420:26Right Time1212 km
46Umaria20:5020:55Right Time1235 km
47Chandia Road21:1021:12Right Time1254 km
48Katni Murwara22:5523:10Right Time1294 km
49Damoh00:2800:30Right Time1403 km
50Patharia00:5400:56Right Time1429 km
51Saugor01:4201:45Right Time1480 km
52Khurai02:3802:40Right Time1533 km
53Malkhedi (Bina)03:2803:30Right Time1551 km
54Lalitpur04:5404:55Right Time1614 km
55Talbahat05:1705:18Right Time1653 km
56Babina05:4205:43Right Time1678 km
57Jhansi Jn06:3006:40Right Time1702 km
58Datia07:0007:02Right Time1727 km
59Dabra07:2507:26Right Time1757 km
60Gwalior Jn08:0008:05Right Time1799 km
61Morena09:1209:13Right Time1838 km
62Dhaulpur09:4609:48Right Time1865 km
63Agra Cantt10:4510:50Right Time1918 km
64Raja Ki Mandi10:5811:00Right Time1922 km
65Mathura Jn11:4511:50Right Time1972 km
66Kosi Kalan12:1812:20Right Time2013 km
67Faridabad13:4313:45Right Time2084 km
68Hazrat Nizamuddin14:4015:00Right Time2105 km
69Ghaziabad15:4815:50Right Time2133 km
70Meerut City Jn16:2816:30Right Time2180 km
71Meerut Cant16:3516:37Right Time2184 km
72Muzaffarnagar17:3317:35Right Time2235 km
73Deoband18:2018:22Right Time2259 km
74Tapri Jn18:5819:00Right Time2287 km
75Roorkee19:3219:35Right Time2319 km
76Haridwar Jn20:55Right Time2360 km