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18508 HIRAKUND EXP Running status

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Amritsar Jn-ASR
EExpected23:45 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Amritsar Jn23:45Right TimeYet to start
2Beas00:1300:15Right Time42 km
3Jalandhar City00:5301:00Right Time78 km
4Ludhiana Jn02:1002:20Right Time135 km
5Ambala Cant Jn04:1004:20Right Time249 km
6Panipat Jn05:4005:42Right Time358 km
7New Delhi07:5008:10Right Time447 km
8Hazrat Nizamuddin08:3008:45Right Time454 km
9Mathura Jn10:3010:32Right Time588 km
10Agra Cantt11:2511:30Right Time641 km
11Gwalior Jn13:1713:22Right Time760 km
12Datia14:1714:19Right Time832 km
13Jhansi Jn14:5515:05Right Time857 km
14Lalitpur16:0716:09Right Time945 km
15Malkhedi (Bina)17:3817:40Right Time1008 km
16Khurai17:5717:59Right Time1026 km
17Saugor18:4518:47Right Time1079 km
18Damoh19:4819:50Right Time1156 km
19Katni Murwara21:5522:05Right Time1266 km
20Umaria23:1823:20Right Time1324 km
21Shahdol00:2300:28Right Time1391 km
22Anuppur Jn01:1001:15Right Time1432 km
23Pendra Road01:5802:00Right Time1482 km
24Bilaspur Jn04:2504:45Right Time1583 km
25Akaltara05:0605:08Right Time1610 km
26Champa05:3105:33Right Time1636 km
27Sakti05:5205:54Right Time1666 km
28Kharsia06:0606:08Right Time1681 km
29Raigarh06:3206:37Right Time1715 km
30Belpahar07:1007:12Right Time1766 km
31Brajarajnagar07:2007:22Right Time1775 km
32Jharsuguda Jn08:0508:25Right Time1788 km
33Sambalpur Road09:0309:05Right Time1835 km
34Sambalpur09:1009:30Right Time1837 km
35Rairakhol10:4510:47Right Time1908 km
36Boinda11:3011:32Right Time1954 km
37Angul13:0513:07Right Time1993 km
38Talcher13:3013:55Right Time2011 km
39Dhenkanal14:4514:47Right Time2065 km
40Bhubaneswar16:1516:20Right Time2126 km
41Khurda Road Jn16:4517:05Right Time2144 km
42Balugaon17:5317:55Right Time2215 km
43Chatrapur18:2918:31Right Time2270 km
44Brahmapur18:5519:00Right Time2291 km
45Palasa20:3820:40Right Time2365 km
46Srikakulam Road21:3321:35Right Time2438 km
47Vizianagram Jn22:3022:35Right Time2507 km
48Visakhapatnam23:50Right Time2568 km