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18517 KRBA VSKP EXP Running status

Departure16:00 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated10 Dec 2018 10:15
1Korba16:00Right TimeYet to start
2Champa16:3516:40Right Time38 km
3Janjgir Naila16:4916:51Right Time48 km
4Akaltara17:0317:05Right Time64 km
5Bilaspur Jn17:5018:00Right Time90 km
6Belha18:1918:21Right Time106 km
7Bhatapara18:4118:43Right Time137 km
8Tilda19:0119:03Right Time163 km
9Raipur Jn19:5020:10Right Time201 km
10Mahasamund21:0821:10Right Time254 km
11Bagbahra21:3821:40Right Time285 km
12Khariar Road22:0022:02Right Time306 km
13Nawapara Road22:1322:15Right Time317 km
14Harishanker Road22:4322:45Right Time347 km
15Kantabanji23:1523:25Right Time370 km
16Muribahal23:3823:40Right Time385 km
17Titlagarh00:0500:15Right Time403 km
18Kesinga00:2800:30Right Time416 km
19Rupra Road00:4500:47Right Time433 km
20Norla Road00:5500:57Right Time439 km
21Ambodala01:2301:25Right Time464 km
22Muniguda01:4801:50Right Time489 km
23Therubali02:2302:25Right Time525 km
24Singapuram Road02:4002:42Right Time534 km
25Rayagada03:0003:05Right Time543 km
26Parvatipuram Town03:4503:47Right Time588 km
27Parvatipuram03:5503:57Right Time590 km
28Bobbili Jn04:2304:25Right Time614 km
29Vizianagram Jn05:1505:20Right Time667 km
30Simhachalam06:0806:10Right Time720 km
31Visakhapatnam07:00Right Time728 km