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18611 RNC BSB EXPRESS Running status

Departure20:10 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated15 Nov 2018 10:15
1Ranchi20:10Right TimeYet to start
2Muri21:2021:25Right Time62 km
3Ramgarh Cantt22:2022:25Right Time115 km
4Barka Kana22:5023:00Right Time120 km
5Patratu23:1823:23Right Time138 km
6Ray23:4123:43Right Time168 km
7Khalari23:4823:50Right Time174 km
8Tori00:1400:19Right Time203 km
9Latehar00:4300:48Right Time235 km
10Barwadih Jn01:1601:21Right Time276 km
11Daltonganj01:4201:47Right Time303 km
12Garwa Road Jn03:3003:40Right Time337 km
13Untari Road03:5203:54Right Time353 km
14Muhammadganj04:1004:12Right Time365 km
15Haidarnagar04:2304:25Right Time376 km
16Japla04:3204:34Right Time383 km
17Kajrat Nawadih04:4104:43Right Time391 km
18Nabinagar Road04:5104:53Right Time399 km
19Barkisalaiya05:0005:02Right Time407 km
20Ankorah Akorha05:0905:11Right Time413 km
21Son Nagar Jn05:3505:37Right Time429 km
22Dehri On Son05:4705:49Right Time435 km
23Sasaram06:0106:03Right Time453 km
24Kudra06:2206:24Right Time478 km
25Bhabua Road06:4006:42Right Time500 km
26Durgauti06:4906:51Right Time509 km
27Karamnasa07:0107:03Right Time521 km
28Dd Upadhyaya Jn07:5508:05Right Time554 km
29Kashi08:3908:41Right Time567 km
30Varanasi Jn08:55Right Time573 km